13 things that you should consider before selling on Etsy


Do you want to know about Etsy? If yes, scroll down the article’s facts and get the information on this topic. Etsy is important as the online shopping mall where people come and connect you to produce and sell the most vintage and crafted items. According to the analysis of Etsy, they helped millions of sellers thrive by successfully giving training and support for generating web-based stores. 

If you work as a jewelry maker, artist, craftsperson, collector, or interior designer, then EtsyHunt is a great platform to showcase and sell your products to a global audience. 

If you want to sell something on Etsy, you have to consider some things. Here are the 13 things that you have to consider. 

Things to consider before selling

In this section, we will tell you about some things you should consider before selling on Etsy. 

  • Decide what to sell

You may have one or the various handcrafted products that have the potential to become the Etsy best sellers, but the key focus is to shortlist the product line and make the selling business more profitable. First, you have to browse the Etsy website and check what the vendors are selling. In this, handmade items are considered exclusive for the customers and recommended to sellers to sell online. 

  • Make it well made

The shoppers at the Etsy are looking for one kind of product at very affordable rates. They are bargaining on the sales price but also have to focus on the quality goods to meet the expectations of their clients. As good sellers, you have to carry unique and quality items that are constructed from the top material. 

  • Verify of vintages

Etsy has specific criteria for vintage items. However, the key factor to successfully selling vintage items is the merchandise conditions. Customers will agree to pay for the vintage conditions, so ensure to list the products that are considered worthy for the customers according to their money and time. 

  • Always ready to fulfill the demand.

Once you make the list of the products, you are required to be able to fulfill the higher demand. Products are sold on a first-served basis, first come, but you do not require to earn the reputation for being unable to fill the client’s orders. 

  • Check your buying audience.

You want to reach the target market or the certain democratic that will need to spend money in the store. For example, the customer-designed and printed tees, ball caps, and tanks might have a wider appeal more the 18-35 age adults. 

  • Choose the good store names.

The online selling store has to say to the potential customers about what you sell and reflect the business brand. Do an online search for the Etsy vendors to ensure that your store name is not in use. It is suggested to personalize the store names that make your enterprise unique without confusing your customers. 

  • Make the seller profiles to sell

You must consist of the quirky photo from your online store and the well narrative writer on the way to begin crafting, sewing, designing clothes, and making jewelery. The Etsy profile is an important calling card that can make the potential customer that you want to pass. 

  • Create the policies and associate with them

As a well-trusted Etsy seller, you have to focus on the policies for shipping, payments, returns, and exchanges and the way in which you communicate with the purchasers. It is suggested to list all policies in your online store and protects your business with trusted buyers. 

  • Count upto cost

While it costs nothing to set the selling business on Etsy, you have to incur the three small selling fees for the listed items and make transactions in business for the payment processing. You can choose the Etsy payments to accept the payments. 

  • Ensure to get paid

As an Etsy seller, one of the primary goals is to get paid. Etsy platforms provide various secure payments options such as Google Wallet, Google Pay, Etsy credits and debit cards, Apply pay, etc. make sure to allow the payment options on your selling website so that there is no confusion occurs on payment, but the huge of reassurance buyers details are safe and secure. 

  • Verify the way to be paid

Etsy is a great payment portal known as Etsy payments that securely and safely gathers the customer payments for the sellers. Buyers can use debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal accounts, and the Etsy Gift cards. 

  • Make good records.

Etsy has a digital record of all transactions, and you will also be required to keep good records for tax billing purposes. It is suggested to consult with the accountant or log into the government site to see if the online selling stores have to file the particular tax amounts. It is a great idea to set the online selling business with a corporate structure by using the Etsy rank tool. The internal revenues services provide free advice to the people who are operating in the online business. 

  • Get set, ready, and open up!

After you are considered all the above aspects while opening and starting the online selling business on Etsy. 

  • Log in to your Etsy account and set your account online
  • The list you shop currency and the location
  • Then post the name and logo of the store. It is suggested to design the logo in a unique way so that customers are easily attracted to your online store.
  • Write a detailed listing of the products under the particular category of the merchandise. 


This article will tell you about the most important 13 things that you have to consider before starting selling on Etsy. All the above points must consider by you if you want to be successful in selling. 

Hope you get a clear understanding from this article. If you have any doubts, then you can ask anytime through the comments section.