Reasons To Send Business Thanksgiving Cards and Example Messages


There is a tremendous benefit to sharing gratitude and recognizing what you are grateful for. While it can seem challenging to share your appreciation for all of your clients, team members, and partners daily, depending on the size of your operation, sending Thanksgiving cards for business is possible and only happens once per year.

Reasons To Send Thanksgiving Cards for Business

The most apparent reason to send Thanksgiving cards for business is to share your appreciation for those who make your business possible. However, appreciation is not the only reason to send cards.

Strategically, sending holiday cards is a way to build brand loyalty. When you send a client or customer a card, you tell them that you see them and recognize their worth to your business. By providing recognition, you increase the odds of repeat business and solidify a relationship that can evolve to brand loyalty, which every company wants.

Sending holiday greetings can also encourage holiday sales. Many companies try to secure business for the season during December, but that is too late. Many people start thinking about Christmas and holiday gifts before Thanksgiving; some even finish shopping by December first.

By sending your holiday greeting in early November, you effectively position your company’s name in the minds of your consumers as they are thinking about gifts and ready to shop. By expressing appreciation at such a time, your customers will feel validated to spend more money in your store or for your service.

Finally, Thanksgiving cards help to humanize your brand. Most consumers view businesses as emotionless entities, failing to see the people behind them. Sending holiday cards helps remind patrons that the brand is made up of people.

Example Messages for Your Thanksgiving Cards

Because of the multitude of potential Thanksgiving messages, business owners can struggle to come up with the right sentiment. While it is important to create a resounding message, remember not to get lost in the details. People who obsess over the wording of a message often overthink the process and wind up saying something they did not intend. Therefore, when writing your Thanksgiving greeting, consider simplistic and straightforward options, such as:

  • Happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday table be filled with family, laughter, and gratitude.
  • Happy Thanksgiving! We are forever grateful for customers like you.
  • To our extended [Brand Name] family, Happy Thanksgiving!
  • At [Brand Name], we know we are nothing without you. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday be a feast of love, laughter, joy.

While this is not an exhaustive list of potential greetings and messages, they are a decent place to get started. Your messaging should be on brand and focused. Overthinking the card message is likely to end in disaster or lead to frustration. If flustered, just remember KISS: keep it simple silly — the more complex a card, the greater the potential for misinterpretation.

Are you ready to design your Thanksgiving cards? If so, visit Cards for Causes and choose a template or receive design guidance. Every business should capitalize on holiday cards because they are valuable tools in the marketing and advertising toolbox.