A Guide To Solar Generator Hire


A solar generator is a portable power generator that utilises the power of the sun to create renewable energy. As climate change continues to change our perception of energy creation and use, those industries and locations that require the assistance of back-up generators and access to electricity not created by the national grid are looking for ways to boost their green credentials through the use of renewable energy, without suffering from a drop off in consumption or quality of energy used. This is where a solar power generator and portable generator hire comes into play.

What is a solar generator?

A solar generator is a generator that utilises solar batteries that store energy created by the sun and converts it into electricity. A solar generator is a fantastic piece of equipment to use on camping trips, in remote locations where there might not be access to the national grid, or as a backup source of electricity on construction sites, medical institutions and other locations where there is a critical need for backup power in the worst-case scenario. 

The benefits of a solar generator

Unlike a traditional generator that is powered using diesel or gas and includes a fuel tank of some kind, a solar generator does not have any moving parts, comprising of portable solar panels, a rechargeable battery, a solar charge controller, and a solar inverter.

One of the biggest benefits of a solar generator is that the lack of moving parts makes it incredibly easy to maintain and it makes no sound at all. When you compare this with traditional diesel generators and the constant groan and hum that this produces, and you can see why a solar generator might be an attractive option for a construction site requiring power at night or the backup power that is needed in a location that has critical and sensitive power needs, such as a hospital.

Solar generators are perfect for those people who need access to power but want to make an eco-friendly choice and improve their carbon footprint. It is a sensible option for those who wish to decrease the sound being made, and those who might not like the sounds and smells associated with a traditional diesel generator. It offers clean, renewable energy and portability, which when you add it all together makes a solar hybrid generator a flexible option for a wide range of applications and site uses. Whether for permanent use on a road trip, access to electricity in a remote location, or as a back-up generator for potential black outs, a solar generator makes a lot of sense.

A clean energy solution for your business or project changes the parameters of what is possible. Remotely managed, with adaptable power, a range of solar hybrid power generators is available from forward-thinking hire companies, servicing a wide variety of companies and industries. A solar power generator could be the key to unlocking the potential of a project and site or provide the necessary electricity back-up options that you need in a critical location and scenario.