All You Need To Know About First Aid And Best First Aid Training in Munich


In the event of an emergency, such as an accident, first aid is the initial step in recognizing the problem and offer assistance. Simple and life-saving methods are included in first aid. With only a few pieces of equipment and no prior medical knowledge, anybody may perform First Aid. It is not a part of any medical therapy and cannot replace the advice and treatment of a doctor Erste-Hilfe Kurs für Führerschein. In this case, you must maintain the person stable using standard methods and common sense until medical aid arrives and the victim’s life can be spared.

It takes less time for a person to recover when they receive first aid at the appropriate moment. It is impossible to go to the hospital for every accident, ailment, or injury right away. If you merely acquire First Aid in such a case, half of your problem will be solved.

This article will give you all you need to know about Ersthelfer im Betrieb Kurs München

 (First Aid Training in Munich)

Things to know before giving the first aid

  • Immediate action: This is the most important step in saving someone’s life; if you’re giving first aid to someone, you should do so right away. Taking action as soon as an incident occurs can reduce risk.
  • Keep calm: It is critical for the person doing First Aid to maintain his or her calm. As a result, the stress level of the affected individual and their loved ones can be reduced. It will not only assist you in controlling the situation Erste-Hilfe Kurs München Laim, but it will also assist you in making the best option possible.
  • Calling medical help: In addition to First Aid, emergency medical assistance is required. Ensure that medical personnel arrive promptly and take care of the problem.
  • Calling medical help: In addition to First Aid, emergency medical assistance is required. Ensure that medical personnel arrive promptly and take care of the problem.
  • Taking Patient to the hospital: If medical assistance is unavailable at the moment, attempt to locate a vehicle that will transport you to the nearest hospital to preserve the patient’s life.
  • Check whether the patient is breathing or not: When you arrive at the scene of an accident, check to see if the person is breathing. Place your palm near his nose and lips and feel for air or moisture to see whether this is the case. Repeat the relaxing technique to reactivate and assess circulation if a person is breathing irregularly or is unable to breathe at all.
  • If the patient’s wound is bleeding excessively, keep the pressure on it until the bleeding stops. Applying pressure with your fingers directly might cause infection. You clean it with antiseptic liquid or warm water and then apply pressure to the wound with a bandage.
  • Applying Pressure: Apply pressure with your fingers from above, making sure the bandage is well fastened Erste-Hilfe Kurs Ostbahnhof München. Excessive bleeding can occur as a result of an accident or injury; the most essential thing is to stop the bleeding so that the person does not suffer harm.


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