Basic Guidelines that a Personal Injury Lawyer will Give You


Once you have hired an attorney to fight your personal injury case, you will have to stay in touch with him throughout the case. Since he has taken up your case, he ensures that you don’t do anything that can hurt your case. A good lawyer at Tehrani Law Group will guide you on every move you make after filing a personal injury claim or a lawsuit. Some of these basic guidelines are mentioned below, which you must follow without fail:

Seeing your doctor regularly 

Most people make the mistake of not going to the doctor after getting the first aid. If you want to strengthen your case, you should follow all the instructions given by your doctor. Your lawyer will ask you to do a proper follow-up with your doctor so that your injuries, pain, and suffering can be included in the claim. If the medical records are not up to date, you are likely to lose your compensation.

Don’t discuss your case with anyone

The lawyer will ask you not to tell the facts of the case to anyone. Sometimes, we make the mistake of telling the strong and weak points of the case. Anyone can take the advantage of the situation and you might end up losing your case. Moreover, another party or his attorney can use any comment made by you against you. 

Refrain from posting or commenting on social media

Your lawyer will ask you not to use social media platforms until the claim or case is pending. The insurance companies and attorneys keep checking the social profiles of their clients. If you have posted the pictures of your accident, injury or anything related to your condition, another party would argue that you are not seriously injured. If you are commenting on other people’s posts, it will give an impression that you are not having any physical pain as mentioned in your claim.

Making any statement in front of insurance companies

The insurance company will try to contact you so that they can get anything from you that can be used against your claim. Your lawyer will instruct you not to make any statement in his absence. He will ask you to let them know that you have hired an attorney, who will speak on your behalf.

A personal injury lawyer will save you from a lot of tensions and financial difficulties. You must follow his guidelines religiously.