Building a Comprehensive Measuring System for Call Centers


Numerous companies use the Cisco IPCC reporting system to keep tabs on how their call centres are doing. The Cisco product is a vital part of any contact centre, but it isn’t enough on its own. Businesses need complementary hardware and software to get the most out of it.

LED billboards with interactive displays

Information like as the current call volume, hold times, and expected traffic levels are displayed on large, easy-to-read wallboards. Cisco IPCC reporting can be accessed using these displays. These boards are used by management to communicate with large numbers of employees simultaneously. Placing a couple of these boards in convenient areas around your centre is all it takes to keep your staff fully informed. Thus, agents can adjust to fluctuating call volumes.

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In their most recent incarnation, these electronic billboards make use of a technology called Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows them to draw power directly from the same network that they get data from. They can go wherever you want, and you won’t even need an electrician or other expert to set them up. In addition to being economically viable, these options spare neither energy nor clarity in their presentation.

Applications for the Desktop That Rely on Agents

Each representative has the option to use a personal desktop client that communicates with Cisco IPCC reporting to deliver customised data directly to that worker. Agents can be motivated and kept focused on their work by being given information about their individual performance in addition to that concerning the call centre as a whole.

Agents may see in real time how call queues are building up and how other centres within the company are handling traffic thanks to these technologies. Each agent is trained on the company’s policies for handling caller transfers, including what to do if the recipient is experiencing a high volume of calls. Agents may be instructed to handle simple issues independently or to transfer the call to a separate division based on the protocol in place.

System for Controlling Telephone Operations

Thanks to the compatibility of call center metrics with a wide range of third-party software, their functionality may be easily expanded. This allows managers of call centres to evaluate and plan for the current state of their facilities with the use of customised presentations. Managers can see at a glance if the available staff is sufficient to handle the incoming call volume, and if not, they can put in a request for more people to work in the call centre.

Metrics for the call centre are essential for efficient administration, but the data gathered from them is of little use if it isn’t put to good use. Integrate the right hardware and software tools with the Cisco IPCC reporting products to maximise the utility of this data source.