Can You Sue An Uber If They Get You In An Accident?


If you get into an accident while in an Uber, you are legally entitled to sue Uber or the driver at fault for your suffering. You can file a lawsuit against them if you get into an accident while riding in their vehicle or in case their designated driver hits you, leading to an injury. 

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Factors considered for granting compensation. 

The compensation largely depends on the events that followed the accident. The claim process of Uber’s insurance policy is based on certain elements. They are as follows: 

The accident took place when the driver was off duty.

If a driver was not working when the accident occurred, then only the personal car insurance policy will be liable for your losses. Uber’s insurance policy would not cover any of your damages if their employee were off duty during the accident.

The Uber driver is carrying a passenger.

If a passenger sits in the vehicle when the accident occurs, the driver will be fully liable for the insurance coverage. The compensation you can seek largely depends on whether you were a passenger or not and whether the driver was working when the accident occurred. 

Suing Uber in the event of injury

You can sue Uber if you are a passenger injured in the accident and seek the benefits of their $1 million insurance policy. According to them, a passenger is never at fault. Generally, your claim will most likely be against Uber instead of the Uber driver. You can even raise an insurance claim against them.

Suing an Uber driver who is at fault for the accident when you are not a passenger

Even if you were not a passenger or a pedestrian, you could sue the Uber driver for causing an accident and injuring you. The outcome largely depends on whether the driver was off duty or working.

If the driver was off duty or in his working hours but without any passengers, you are eligible to file a claim against the driver only, not against Uber.

Uber would reject all the claims of holding liability for the accident if the vehicle did not have a passenger.

However, if a passenger was inside the vehicle during the accident, the $1,000,000 policy will be applied to the accident.