Common Types Of Personal Injuries 


An ideal Philadelphia personal injury lawyer in Pennsylvania can assist you no matter what kind of damage you sustained. Such attorneys are prepared to put their skills to work for you after successfully defending Philadelphia residents in a variety of personal injury situations. With that in mind, here are a few instances where a personal injury lawyer can help you file a case. Read on to find out the typical types of personal injury cases. 

Acute Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries, which can be brought on by a sudden or sharp blow to the head, can result in brain swelling, hemorrhage, and fluid buildup. Surgery may be necessary for victims to evacuate the accumulated fluid or to insert funnels or stents to help lessen pressure on the brain. TBIs frequently result in permanent cognitive and physical impairments.

Internal Wounds

People frequently believe they are unharmed after a vehicle accident or other incident but are later sent to the hospital since they have lacerated, burst, or pierced internal organs. Removed organs may result in lifetime medical issues or a reduced ability to enjoy the same activities you did before becoming hurt. Casts, surgery, or even the insertion of pins and plates may be necessary to mend shattered or fractured bones. Besides, the pain that it offers is incomparable. 


The very same serious and life-threatening injuries resulting from all types of burns, including chemical, electrical, and fire-related ones. These injuries necessitate painful skin grafting, constant wound care, the wearing of compression garments, and months of physical therapy. Due to the lack of skin protection provided by burns, infections are quite likely, and breathing in smoke frequently results in lung difficulties.


As a direct result of an accident or as a subsequent impact from an infection that developed while the patient was hospitalized, the full or complete loss of fingers or toes, hands, feet, arms, or legs can occur. This is quite devastating. Amputation may need the use of crutches, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, or even other mobility aids that can be devastating too.

Injury to the spinal cord

Injury to the neck or back that breaks or fractures vertebrae, or a broken back, can result in partial or total paralysis. It is quite scary. This type of injury needs a body brace, surgery, and extensive rehabilitation programs to recover lost function and mobility.