Conveyor Belt Accessories


There are several conveyor belt accessories available. The different types include Side Grip Belts, Rubber Covered Belting, and Power Transmission Belts. You can also find accessories for the rubber covered belting, including rubber compounds and black standard. If you’re looking for accessories for your belting, you should find a distributor that serves the paper converting industry.

Timing Screws

Conveyor belt accessories, such as Timing Screws, help to maintain a continuous flow of product. They are used for different applications. For example, timing a container in a line can make it move faster on one side. Timing screws are designed to make this task easier. Typically, one screw runs on one motor, giving one rotation per container. Another screw, known as a synchro bar, connects two timing screws to one motor.

Timing screws are crucial for packaging lines because they help packagers maintain consistent spacing between containers and increase efficiency. These screw devices can handle a variety of tasks, including feeding a capper, labeler, or filler.

Side Grip Belts

Conveyor belt manufacturers, like CSS International, consider many factors when designing a belt for your conveyor system. These include the weight and shape of the products being conveyed, the length of the conveying system, and the environment in which the conveyor is used. They also consider standards and other requirements to ensure the best belt for your needs.

The materials used in conveyor belts can vary depending on their use. Some materials, like nylon, are very durable and resistant to high heat. They are also less prone to mildew. Other materials like polyester are less expensive and less noisy to operate. Kevlar is a popular choice for heavy-duty conveying applications, as it is made to withstand high-temperature and fire conditions. Another option is natural fabrics, such as woven cotton.

Side grip belts can also be used in packaging for a variety of products. They can be used to convey glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, cartons, and other products. Many of these are adjustable to accommodate different-sized products.

Inspection Diverters

Conveyor accessories contribute to design flexibility and efficiency by allowing conveyor operators to control the flow of products. Shaft encoders, for example, measure the number of revolutions made by a pulley or conveyor drive shaft and can be used to control the conveyor belt for indexing or feeding. In addition, diverters and gates with photo eyes or proximity switches guide the flow of products and can be used to separate different areas of the conveyor.

These conveyor accessories are generally made of powder-coated steel with stainless steel tops and frames. They also feature LED light fixtures for increased visibility. They are also flexible and easy to install. They are widely used in the glass and ceramic industries.