Do CrossFit Accessory WODS Make a Difference?


To compare how you train to how you should train, let’s first define what it means to train for life and use functional motions. Life is not like a perfectly balanced barbell with two equal sides. Furthermore, not everything in your life is a perfect square box in which you can lift and exercise.

What is the significance of this? Why? Continue reading. Athletes can significantly increase their strength by training and performing accessory lifts, which place stress on the body from different angles and deliver different stimuli to specific areas of the body that a traditional barbell lift cannot. Continue reading to learn more about CrossFit accessory WODS.

Physical Wear Limitations on Accessory Training

Not to say that traditional lifts don’t have their advantages; they do, and you should continue to use them. Even if something is excellent, it may have unfavorable consequences. Body fatigue is one disadvantage of concentrating your training on these fundamental lifts and avoiding supplementary lifts. If an athlete repeatedly places a heavy barbell on their joints, it can and will begin to break them down.

Athletes can use accessories to train harder while relieving pressure on a specific joint. They can be used in a variety of ways and allow for the completion of more tasks.

For Training, Classical Exercises vs. Supplemental WODS

Strength training can be divided into two categories. The squat will be used as an example. You have two basic options for training: use “accessory lifts” or “traditional lifts.”

Athletes who only do traditional exercises will gain strength, but they will always be working the same muscles, and their potential will be limited by their weaker ones.

If an athlete falls forward while performing back squats, it’s likely that their back isn’t strong enough to support the weight they’re attempting to lift. Consider an athlete who consistently falls forward after a squat and works to strengthen their posterior chain so that it can hold their chest up and prevent future forward falls.

By incorporating accessory exercises into their training, an athlete can work on the muscles required to maintain the ideal position during a squat.

Where Can I Find Crossfit Accessory WODS?

It’s now easier than ever to find a Crossfit accessory WODS. Performance Plus provides a variety of WODS to help you find balance and increase your performance output. Our mobility, gymnastics, strength, and endurance programs are available on a subscription basis. Our memberships are available in monthly, yearly, and six-month increments to accommodate every athlete. You can purchase our routines separately if you don’t want to commit to a program just yet.

You want to make sure that the Crossfit Accessory WODS you choose will challenge you while also keeping you safe. It is critical to enroll in programs led by experts from reputable companies. Contact Performance Plus to learn more about what we can do for you!