Eight B2B marketing strategies to drive results in 2022



Every B2B company has a marketing scheme they attend. The outcomes and benchmarks derived from the campaigns executed as part of this planning guide are adjusting things, making alterations, and trying out ideas to enhance the plan under the B2B marketing agency

However, with a continuous evolution in the B2B section, catching up with popular strategies and movements is crucial.

While every company is identical regarding its identity and the method, they market, being updated with what’s happening worldwide is imperative under B2B growth hacking.


As a B2B agency, we work with a unique set of targets and priorities for each stage of our company’s growth. We also create marketing funnels to acquire more leads, develop present customers and build a sales pipeline.

Developing leads ensures engagement through the sales channel, enhancing conversion rates and securing great fit customers. Lead development involves strong value propositions, enriched data, and content strategy to increase sales.


Leverage account-based marketing

  • Account-based marketing is a powerful B2B marketing technique that focuses our resources and efforts on acquiring estimated accounts. 
  • It means that in place of targeting everyone, we target someone with a higher chance of converting into loyal customers under a B2B marketing agency.
  • It is done by merging sales and marketing efforts and associating them with the aimed account’s customer journey for faster transformation under B2B growth hacking.
  • Instead, they narrow their focus to identify the best fit accounts for their business and draft their ABM campaigns under B2B growth hacking. 
  • These are personalized from messaging to marketing channels, which helps convert them.

Explore Marketing automation

Marketing automation allows us to automate and streamline workflows and processes related to sales and marketing. It covers everything from lead profiling and sending customized emails to customer profiling and communication under B2B growth hacking. 

Marketing automation aims to avoid repetitive tasks, put them on an auto-pilot, and focus on things of greater importance under a B2B marketing agency.

Harness the power of video

Marketing experts use video as part of their strategy, apparently one of the most powerful marketing tools. 

It brings a visual aspect to our brand and promotes brand alertness and recall value under B2B growth hacking.

Use email as a powerful marketing tool.

  • B2B marketers, like Ty Collins say emails are essential for customer acquisition and revenue generation systems. Given how frequently experts check emails, if we have the right email marketing strategy with customized content, we can crack the code and turn it into a profitable marketing avenue for our business under B2B growth hacking.
  • To draft an email marketing strategy, we also need to choose the right email marketing software that helps us build our email lists, automate sequences, target subscribers, segment lists, and track metrics under B2B growth hacking. Since most email marketing software integrates with CRMs, the process is much more efficient.
  • Email marketing helps start a dialogue with our audience, provide educational content, advance offers, and sell them our products and services under a B2B marketing agency. With email sequences, we can build trust with our audience through problem-solving and convert them into loyal customers.

Practice targeted marketing

Targeted marketing involves identifying an audience likely to buy our product or service and focusing our marketing achievements on them to make a sale under B2B growth hacking. Over time, we develop products, services, and campaigns best suited to our estimated market.

It’s one of the most successful procedures to increase customer reservations. You can obtain new consumers all you want, but keeping old customers and marketing them your proposals would be much more commercial in the long run under a B2B marketing agency. 

Go hard on paid social media promotion.

  • Organic marketing is an integral part of any marketing technique. However, we cannot refuse the power of paid media advertising. Both are important to execute a successful movement promoting your products and services. 
  • Each solves a different objective and brings results, which eventually help drive more income and business growth under B2B growth hacking.
  • A merger of both is ideal for digital growth, and paid media is rapidly gaining momentum, with brands focusing on unique methods to execute ads and position their brand in front of the audience under B2B growth hacking.

Focus on the buyer and customer journey

  • In the end, everything summarizes to the buyer. Mapping the customer’s journey and drafting our movement for the buyer is essential for more incredible transformations and brand commitment.
  • Having a buyer-centric technique is crucial for B2B marketing. The customer will buy the product or service and doesn’t care how big our company is or how great our product is designed under a B2B marketing agency. 
  • All they care about is how our product can help them. So, the debate over benefits vs. features outweighs the benefits for the customer.
  • Everything we do, every marketing campaign or piece of content we produce, should benefit the customer under B2B growth hacking.