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While a secured credit card may help you better manage your money, it will not raise your credit score until you pay off the underlying causes of your low score, such as late payments and negative balances on other accounts.

The best part about acquiring a secured credit card is that your money may keep earning interest while providing you with emergency access to credit. However, your fixed deposit might be at danger if you have any outstanding credit card amounts that go unpaid.

Join the application process with a friend

Provided you have a poor credit score, you may still be able to get a loan if you have a co-applicant. The people you confide in most might be friends or relatives. The primary borrower, whose earnings and credit are being considered, may simultaneously be a secondary borrower on the loan. Banks have requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a home loan, and these requirements may alter the eligibility standards that apply to a co-applicant.  As you visit slickcashloan for simple fast loans you can have the right choices.


Apply for a loan at a credit union or other cooperative financial institution

While a high credit score is often required to get a loan from a traditional bank, cooperative banks and non-banking financial organizations may have more lenient standards. If they do decide to lend you money, though, you can count on paying a higher interest rate.

You must join a cooperative bank as a member before you may apply for a loan from that bank. If you’re applying to a cooperative bank, you can get lucky and be approved despite a low credit score since many of them aren’t yet members of the credit agencies. If you have a low credit score, you may want to focus on improving it rather than worrying about paying a much higher interest rate.

Paycheck Arriving Early

Half of your normal monthly salary might be advanced to you by a few companies offering financial services, helping you meet your short-term financial commitments. These lenders don’t base their lending decisions primarily on a person’s credit score. After you’ve been authorized, the loan funds will be sent into your bank account in a short amount of time.

There is a company by the name of Early Pay that would advance you up to two hundred thousand rupees of your salary each month at an interest rate of roughly 2.5 percent. What’s more, you’ll only have to pay interest on the amount that you end up spending.

You might also approach your present employer about the prospect of a salary raise. A large number of companies now provide employees with access to salary advances.

Corporations Specializing in Financial Technology and Electronic Lending

Financial institutions are the lenders in the fintech business. They use technological advancements to make commonplace financial tasks like saving, investing, and borrowing easier for the ordinary individual.

Popular names in the financial technology sector

Every one of these companies relies significantly on technology, and each of those algorithms is tailored to the specific needs of the company itself when it comes to evaluating loan applications. This is why they are willing to provide credit to everyone, regardless of their credit history.


They have a simple online loan application process. In order to continue using their site or app, you will be required to provide the required documentation. In most cases, the money will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hours after approval.