How Does It Work, And Why Hire A Career Coach?


Do you know exactly what steps to take to conquer the profession of your dreams? A career plan is essential to guide you along this path. For this, there is a career coach. This professional assists with the coaching method, helping people to have more clarity about their jobs and, thus, to develop strategies to achieve goals at work. So, if you want to understand how it works, what the advantages are, and how to know the right time to hire a career coach, read on!

How The Coaching Process Works

First of all, let’s align the nomenclatures. Coach is the professional who applies the technique, while coaching is the process that directs people to the expected result. On the other hand, the coachee is the name given to the client who hired the Coach to help him in this career development. The coaching process works in sessions. In them, the Coach helps the coachee to create a professional objective and define a goal plan. The next session must complete these actions so the client creates achievable targets for the expected result within the process. This professional can work with both individuals and companies. However, in any case, the Coach will work on self-knowledge and encourage the client to plan attitudes based on personal and professional expectations. Some steps may involve actions such as:

  • define professional goals
  • know the strengths and areas for improvement
  • align professional and personal expectations
  • create goals to achieve the expected result

The Benefits Of Hiring A Career Coach

Coaching is essential to achieve faster results since techniques and methodologies help with focus and concentration. In addition, it is also fundamental to increase productivity, considering that the coachee defines the priority of his actions and manages to optimize his time better. However, the benefits of a Coach go much further. It works as a guide to help the coachee move in the right direction. The intention is to think about the consequences of the actions to be taken and stimulate reasoning so that the client himself perceives the problems to find solutions. Therefore, it is essential to leave the comfort zone and develop new technical and behavioral skills.

Signs It’s Time To Hire A Coach

Turning to a career coach for career coaching services is a fundamental step to help in decision-making. However, how do you know when it’s time? Here are some tips for answering that!

Doubt About The Profession

Both students and more mature professionals may need vocational guidance. In this regard, the career coach can contribute to mapping areas focused on professional skills based on market trends.

Stagnant Career

When realizing that the profession is stagnant, the Coach collaborates for the coachee to have a greater understanding of the market and discover new ways to enhance his career, such as:

  • realization of specializations
  • professional outplacement
  • curriculum adjustment, among others