How high customer retention rate keeps your salon business growing?


Keeping customers loyal always pays well! It is an assurance that they will keep buying from you and that you have successfully retained them. The term that defines it rightly is Customer Retention rate.  The higher the customer retention rate the higher your Salon revenue. So, instead of engaging new customers, if you will implement the strategies that keep the existing ones, then, long-term success is assured. If you are not compelled by our statements, then read this article. We are here to describe how with a higher customer retention rate, your Salon can have qualitative and quantitative benefits.

Why Customer Retention Rate is beneficial for Your Salon Business Profit

Acquiring is costlier than retaining

Yes, you read it right! Working on engaging the new customer demands more effort and time. Whereas, the same is not true in the case of retaining the existing ones. You do not have to advertise and market the product and services because they already know it well and even, have experienced them well.

There are sayings that claim that there will be 16X more cost on acquiring the new customers. There will be struggles on; brand awareness, generating the marketing funnel, gaining their trust, etc. On the other hand, customer retention not only saves your hard-earned money but also a precious time in convincing the customers to services and purchasing Salon products.

Raise current sale value

Once a customer’s purchase does not mean the sale is completed. If you are keeping this method then, you have the wrong perspective. You need to take regular follow-ups from the customers to cross-sell and upsell other services and products. Because of this practice,you can not only Retain The Clients For Long In Salon, however, the current sale value also improves.

Consider the customer has taken a subscription. Approaching them again within a month to know if they like to upgrade the subscription is essential. Also, if they have purchased any product from you, find out if they want to include a similar product to complete the buying process.

Make improvements in services and products

With customer retention, you can settle the product rates and improve service quality from the feedback of existing customers. You do not have to be conscious of knowing if they are liking the service, or if the products fulfill their expectations, and so on. They are those who have already taken services from you.  But, that does not mean you will stop improving the customer experience. It is continuous work. Keep working on it to make customers permanent for an efficient salon customers retention rate.

Know Customer’s Well

Businesses become successful because they understand their customers well. From the emotions to the challenges, demographics, their likes and dislikes, the makeover they like the most,  how quickly they purchase, and how much they are loyal to you, they know everything.

And, higher customer retention demands you to keep such information intact. Additionally, such types of details are not only valuable for customer retention but also for giving better services, engaging them for offers, deals, and so on.

Higher Gross profit

Believe us, existing customers are your assets. When it comes to selling to them, then, you do not need to think more about the prices. Definitely, they have taken services from you already and they are well versed with your service and product price range. This simply means that they trust your brand, and you do not need to convince them much to get services from you.  Surprisingly, there are facts that ensure that approximately 80% of Salon revenue is from 20% of your loyal customers.

Decrease Churn Rate

Churn Rate happens when a percentage of customers stop visiting the Salon and taking services. You can call it the contrary of customer retention. Several reasons are there that could result in churn rate, like, dissatisfied customers, poor customer service, bad product quality, etc. Also, it could lead to negative customer reviews either online or in person.

Despite the business you are in, it is always a big setback to lose customers. Working on implementing the right customer retention strategies does not let it happen to your Salon.  Always remember, customer retention should be prior practice for any business, even if you have a well-established business. Do not overlook implementing customer retention methods like allowing them to provide honest feedback and implementing the strategies on a personalized level. Furthermore, the process can also be automated with Best Salon mobile booking Software confirming higher outreach to the customers.

Create loyalty and referrals

The undeniable advantage that comes with a high customer retention rate is that it ensures more engagement in your Salon business. It is evident when there is a regular visit from the customer that it means they are loyal to your business service and its products.

Positively, they will give your brand reference to their friends and family. In addition, they can even give positive feedback on either your business site, social media networks, or other channels.

All of your efforts in retaining customers can lessen customer acquisition costs. They will visit your Salon after seeing how much you value your customers.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising for More Sales

From all, Word-Of-Mouth Advertising is result-oriented and cost-effective. And believingly, your loyal existing customers are responsible for this. Usually, they share their opinions with acquaintances and behave as a free marketing channel for your Salon. The reason that it ensures higher footfall is that people tend to believe only like-minded or close friends. For many, they are the prime sources for improving brands’ visibility and consider their advice as compared to other marketing strategies.

Existing Customers Will Buy Premium Packages

Comparatively, your existing Salon customers are less concerned about prices than new ones. Of course, they have experienced the products and hence know their value and effectiveness. This is particularly true for those who prefer to move to other brands that offer services at a 10% discount. The younger people tend to pay more with some offers or other advantages in loyalty programs. Collectively, several consider that quality comes with a higher price. Therefore, the additional perks ensure their revisit to your beauty business.

Concluding Remarks

Time is money. If you will waste on acquiring new customers than implementing ways to retain the existing ones, then, your Salon business profit is at a loss. Prioritizing them is a win-win! Hopefully, the article has compelled you in doing what is required to be.