Cardboards are said to be one of the most widely recycles materials in the United Kingdom, this is possible because every local council can get and recycle cardboards from homes as well as many businesses that are involved in recycling. Cardboards are also one of the major ingredients that the HC sustainable packaging solutions makes use of in producing eco-friendly packaging containers in the horticultural industry, products that include various designs, customization, and usage are made by HC sustainable packaging solution by employing the process of recycling cardboard and this is done to ensure that every customer can have the options of purchasing sustainability that meet their own specific goals. How is cardboard recycled is the main drive of this content, and that is what we will be examining? So what happens to the cardboard that is thrown into the recycling bin, firstly, cardboard is sorted and shredded, cardboard needs some kind of preparation before it can be recycled.

Sorting comes before shredding because different types of cardboard are made from different materials and processes. Once the cardboard has been sorted and shredded, the shredded materials are now mixed with water and pulped, the process of breaking down the cardboard is known as pulping and this help to soften the cardboard and starts to make it into something that can be reused as a material for new products. The pulped cardboard is filtered as waste cardboard is rarely 100% board. After the filtering process has been completed then more water is added and mixed again, pressed, and stirred.

At this point, the mixture is about 90% of water and it has to be treated before it can be used for anything again, different techniques can be employed at this stage such as vacuum rollers, steam heating, and vibrating conveyor belts. Then pressing the sheet through the roller helps to make the sheet into something that resembles other paper, and the sheet is converted to new cardboard, however, the step involved remains the same, sorting, shredding, pulping, filtering, drying, pressing, and rolling. This is also the same for the HC sustainable packaging solution.