How To Buy Piano – Essential Tips


Don’t think about buying a piano before reading this! Generally speaking, buy the best you can afford when looking for a new piano when you visit website or store. The first thing is to decide how much you can spend on a piano without breaking your budget. If properly cared for, a good piano will last about 50 years before needing to be rebuilt.

Buy Piano

Buy used piano:

If your budget is tight, consider buying a used piano. They can be a good value.

So, the best bet when buying a used piano is to buy it from a reputable dealer, so you don’t end up with a piano that needs a lot of work to play and sound good.

However, if you are buying for a private or occasional party, consider having a piano technician check it out before you buy.

The small investment to get it checked out can save you a lot of money in the future. Keep in mind that a piano may look good on the outside, but it needs a lot of work on the inside (strings may need replacing, pegs may need repairing or replacing, etc.), so it’s best to consult a professional before you buy. 

If you’re buying a piano like Schimmel Piano for sale for example for a child who’s just learning to play and you’re not ready to invest a lot of money in a piano, an old, used piano in good condition can work just fine.


Therefore, investing in a used piano early on is a good idea to ensure you are interested in learning to play and would use a piano. Imagine a large object sitting in your living room, just gathering dust.

If your budget is tight, it is suggested that you opt for the sound quality over the appearance of the piano, especially if the piano is to be used by someone learning to play.

Thus, a beautiful piano case can add many dollars to the cost of the piano and have the same sound quality as an inexpensive piano that does not have a case made of expensive wood.

If you can’t buy a new or used piano immediately, consider renting rather than buying a low-quality piano.

So, one option is to see if you can use a piano at a friend’s or relative’s house, school, or church.

But, if the piano is for a child who is taking lessons, renting may be the better choice unless the piano you use is easily accessible most days.

However, a child can quickly lose interest in learning to play the piano if the piano is not easily accessible for them to practice.

Choosing a New Piano

When looking at pianos, remember that longer strings on a piano produce a better sound.

So, if you’re looking up, look for a taller one. If you’re looking at a grand piano, the strings are horizontal, so a longer piano will typically produce a better sound, but it will also take up more space.

Some of the more expensive pianos, such as the Steinways, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, and Mason and Hamiln, will retain their value better than a less expensive piano, although most pianos will retain their value reasonably.

However, some pianos like the Steinways have appreciated over time. That’s one of the reasons to consider buying the best piano you can afford.

You will also typically have fewer repair issues with a better-quality piano.