How to Choose a 3D Printing Service


When it comes to selecting a 3D printing service, you need to take some important factors into consideration. One of these is build size. Another important factor is material. Not all materials are compatible with every technology. Some are only suitable for certain types of 3D printers. Therefore, it’s important to select a 3D printing service like CAC.Works that offers the right materials and printing expertise.

Build size

One of the most basic decisions you need to make when choosing a 3D printing service is the build size. This determines how big the actual print area is. For example, an 8-inch wide by 8-inch deep build area will yield an object approximately eight inches tall. However, a smaller build area will limit your options. While it can be frustrating to print only a single part of a larger object, most print jobs can be broken up into smaller parts and assembled later. A build volume of at least five x five inches should suffice for most print jobs.

A 3D printing service should let you know what options are available before you place your order. This includes how many layers of material you’re printing and whether your project requires a high level of dimensional accuracy. In addition, the settings tab will let you adjust the price of your project. Remember that the build size also plays a role in the quality of the final result.


Stratasys’s 3D printing service business has been expanding rapidly, but the company has been hit by a few headwinds. The company’s gross margins have declined, despite strong product growth, and it is facing competition from makers such as MakerBot.

Stratasys is an Israeli-based company that manufactures 3D printing equipment and materials. Its products range from affordable desktop 3D printers to high-volume, industrial 3D production systems. Stratasys’ systems are easy to use, and they can help you achieve any desired result. These 3D printers can be used to create prototypes, test products, and other materials.

The company recently introduced a loyalty program for its 3D printing service bureau customers. This program, dubbed the Stratasys Parts Provider Network, offers volume discounts for company products and wholesale pricing for on-demand 3D printed parts.


Shapeways is one of the leading 3D printing services available online. It has been in business since 2007, and has worked with over one million customers to deliver their 3D products. The Shapeways website features extensive FAQs and guides. The company also organizes weekly Hangouts with engineers to answer questions.

Shapeways has expanded its offerings after receiving $30 million in Series E funding. It now offers industrial 3D printers and a packaging program for its customers. This packaging service allows Shapeways to produce large print runs while maximizing revenue. Shapeways uses its own proprietary packaging program to package 3D models that are created by its customers.

Shapeways also partnered with Israeli pollination experts, BeeHero, to produce a third-generation smart hive. This third-generation smart hive was created using Selective Laser Sintering technology (SLS). SLS enabled Shapeways to improve the product’s functionality, improve its quality, and make the product simple to assemble. In the end, the project helped increase crop yields by as much as 30%.


Treatstock 3D printing service is a start-up company that aims to become part of the rapidly expanding 3D printing hubs. Its service combines a 3D printable model repository and a software solution to integrate with websites. The company’s widget simplifies 3D printing service on websites by calculating pricing and accepting payments directly through the widget. It works similarly to 3DHub’s Embedded Order Widget. The widget can also be placed on Facebook pages.

Customers can compare prices and reviews from Treatstock 3D printing service providers. The website allows customers to choose from more than 2,000 professional manufacturers. They can also read reviews left by previous customers.


With its huge range of 3D printing materials, i.materialise is one of the most diverse 3D printing services on the market. Besides plastic and resin, the company also offers metal and lost-wax printing. Customers can order items in a range of colors and finishes.

This online 3D printing service offers consumers high-quality 3D printed consumer parts and offers a high-level of service and support. Their software tools and large-scale 3D printing capabilities are combined with a user-friendly platform that offers specialized know-how and guidance throughout the process.

Users can create and share 3D designs and sell the products they design. The service offers a wide variety of materials, colors, and sizes, which means that it is easy to customize your designs and order as many copies as you need. The service’s user interface makes it easy to upload files and create models.