How to manage an eBay business account


Can I have multiple eBay accounts and how to manage them?

eBay understands that users may wish to have multiple accounts on the platform. For example, some users allocate separate accounts for sales activity. Different product lines are different and may require separate accounts.

Linked account

If you create multiple and have a doubt about How to manage an eBay business account with the same name and address, they will be linked. Also, if you sign in to multiple eBay accounts on the same Wi-Fi network, eBay will link them. If an account is suspended for any reason, all other accounts will also be closed.

Duplicate list

If you upload the same product multiple times, eBay will recognize it. It does not matter if a product belongs to more than one store. Avoid duplicate lists. It’s a great way to manage multiple eBay accounts.


You cannot use the same email ID for multiple accounts on eBay. Therefore, you will need a new email and a new ID for each newly created account.


You cannot cross-promote your store on other listings. However, you can link to products from the same store.

This is what you need to prepare.

Increase store limit

Each time you open a new eBay account (or store), you start with a listing of 10. Increasing the limit may take some time. Instead, you can contact eBay and ask them to increase your selling limit. If your current store is in good shape, you can start a new store with a higher cap.

Scaling time

You expand and open new stores. very well. But do you know what is good? Go slowly. It is important to know when to open multiple eBay stores. Before you open another account, you need to make sure that you are getting enough profit from your old account.

Order management

Adding another eBay account can complicate order management. For example, you must always log in and out of one account to verify another account. This can be done several times a day. In the meantime, what if orders from other stores become large? Customers may not be satisfied.

Transportation Information

Multiple eBay accounts mean more orders to track. You should review shipping information for multiple orders and pay close attention to each order. Keeping up with updates is tricky multitasking. However, the applications described in this article can help you. Reduce the load by automatically updating tracking information.