Importance of Hiring a Professional for NFC Clear Tags and White NFC Tags


It is important to remember that NFC tags need to have their chips encoded. An NFC tag company will do this for you. Although it is possible to make your QR code, the components required for NFC tags are not readily available, making it essential to hire a professional.


NFC tags come with various types of chips. While some chips can be scanned in clear, others need to support encryption. These chips are listed in ascending order of security. You should choose a Chip that can retain data for long periods for extra security. For instance, you should look for a chip with 200-year data retention.

NFC tags have a wide variety of uses, from identification to security. They can be used to identify team members or restrict access to specific areas of an office. Moreover, you can use them to minimize the environmental footprint of your business. You can also choose an NFC tag made of recyclable paper to reduce the use of plastic access cards.

White NFC Tags

White NFC tags are a simple but effective way of tagging a product or location. They are made of PVC or PET and are available in various shapes and sizes. These labels can be printed in black and white or in CMYK colors. The larger the antenna, the greater the reading range.

White NFC tags are easy to write on and are available in rolls of 100. The adhesive layer on the bottom side allows the tags to be stuck to various surfaces. They are perfect for placing on a product’s packaging. 

Clear NFC Tags

Clear NFC tags are the simplest and cheapest type of NFC tags. They come in two varieties: wet inlay and dry inlay. Wet inlays feature an adhesive backing, which acts like a sticker. Dry inlays are typically used as components in larger products. NFC clear tags are available in various sizes, shapes, and face materials. They can come in square, round, and rectangular shapes. Larger tags can be embedded in objects for better reading performance, while smaller tags can be hidden behind existing labels.

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