Kajabi Website Examples


The world of business is ever-changing, so it’s high time you create a website for your business. You can create and sell online courses through Tutor LMS plugin with premium video lms hosting platform. Having a website not only keeps you on par with your competitors but also expands your market reach. To create an appealing website, you need the help of a powerful website builder. One builder is Kajabi, well-known for offering the best digital courses and memberships. The Kajabi website editor is so powerful. Several companies have used it to create their websites. Here are some kajabi website examples:

Earn That Body

Founded in 2009 by one of the world’s most renowned lifestyle coaches, Kim Eagle Earn That Body provides an easy-to-use menu built using the kajabi website builder tool. The menu consists of 7 dietary programs, various training modules and 3 athlete programs. Kajabi also allows online business, which enables the users of this site to acquire sponsored content.


Pualena is one of the most unique and striking kajabi websites. The user interface of Pualena is very user-friendly and direct. Once you access the site’s homepage, you are welcomed with an expertly and high-quality shot video playing in the background of the website’s text. Once you scroll down the site, you are presented with pictures, options and text that move in and out with splashes of bring pink that makes the website very appealing to the eyes.

Icy Productions

The ICY Productions is a website aimed at educating people on how to make and edit films using their iPads and iPhones. This website utilizes all of Kajabi’s capabilities, thereby allowing it to offer online courses to the website users. The lessons are downloadable, and once the student finishes the lessons, they are granted access to a supplemental video that offers them an engaging virtual experience. The producers can also add affiliate links using the kajabi affiliate tool. The users of this site can also communicate with the teachers via the internet. Also, since Kajabi possesses email marketing capabilities, the visitors to this site can subscribe to an email list.

Flowing Zen

Founded by Anthony Korahais, Flowing Zen offers online lessons that teach its users the Qigong and Taichi artistry with the aim of improving their health. The online classes consist of guided meditations, webinars and instructional videos. The main website includes a blog created using WordPress and is linked to the courses on offer. The online presence of this website’s marketing funnels and email campaigns is all handled using the kajabi platform. Flowing Zen offers you the perfect case study if you are looking to establish an online school.

Your Guitar Sage

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, then your guitar sage is the website to visit. This website provides membership enrolment to its users. WordPress powers the main part of this website, while kajabi is responsible for handling the other membership aspects such as sale sites, course delivery and the processing of payments.

The above are kajabi website examples that give you an understanding of how the kajabi platform works. Kajabi offers a wide range of functionalities, granting you complete control over your website. So, if you want to develop your website, try using kajabi.