Leveraging Online Animated Video To Find Success In The New Normal


We live in a sea of ​​change, and your company needs to evolve through the challenges to stay competitive. As we all overcome uncertainty about how to position our businesses in the future, video can play a vital role in your ability to serve and attract customers confidently. Video is the tool you need to build brand awareness, drive engagement and close more sales. 

Gone are the days when you only thought about a video about marketing or at the top of your funnel efforts. A full-funnel, video-focused strategy is a more practical approach and will continue to define the new normal. Let’s look at the importance of embracing video and how it will position you for success now and in the future.

Video Helps You Evolve Over Time

 Finding success in the new normal requires breaking away from old processes, habits, and strategies while adjusting to how people now connect with content. People are visual and engage much more with short, compelling videos than written material.

Today’s audience is increasingly embarking on shopping journeys with ongoing self-education, where video makes perfect sense. They will often self-educate long before contacting your company’s sales team, so it’s essential to empower them to do this as effectively as possible (and in line with your company’s goals). 

This shift to online video in gillespieproductions.com for example is something that many companies already consider vital to moving forward and staying competitive.

New normal shoppers are also more conscientious and critical when they are offered too direct sales than they were a few years ago. With so many automated messages devoid of value, people have become insensitive to being approached this way. Instead of making this mistake, use targeted video throughout the funnel to deliver real value and grab attention.

For example:

Use inviting, engaging, informative videos and direct viewers to where they can learn more rather than over-promoting the brand.  With so many questions and uncertainties, brands and organizations need to answer those questions with short videos that lead to more engagement and follow-up.  

Everyone faces challenges, and those challenges can be overcome with video. By shifting to a video-first mindset, the video becomes intertwined with every business process and becomes your primary driver of internal education, brand awareness, and increased sales. Video is essential for navigating the new normal, and Famous Wisconsin Companies and their Brand Presence supports you. With expert guidance on using video throughout the funnel, you can position yourself for success amidst all the uncertainties.