Maintaining Your Coin Operated Table


A coin-operated pool table is often found in places like clubs, pubs, bars, break rooms at work, and other places where people gather. Because of this, coin-operated pool tables usually get more use and wear than tables that people put in their own homes for fun.

Pool tables don’t usually need much maintenance, but if they have a lot of moving parts or are used a lot, you may need to fix them. You will also need a reputable company for pool table parts. Even though you can hire a professional to fix the tables, you should still be ready for the following problems when it comes to maintaining coin-operated tables:

Advantages of Coin Operated Tables

Using a table with a coin slot has a number of benefits, one of which is that it doesn’t need as much maintenance or replacement parts. When you give away free tables, sometimes balls get lost or stolen. This not only makes the game less fun overall, but it also makes it more expensive to replace balls that are lost or stolen.

Customers or players who don’t like the experience won’t come back, which could mean less money for the business where the table is located. You can avoid these kinds of problems with choices that cost money. People also often have coin-operated pool tables in their homes. These tables usually come from businesses that have outgrown their old table or are in the process of upgrading.

How the Coin Elements Work

Normal wear and tear can cause mechanical problems, but so can people who try to put the wrong coins or tokens of a different shape and size into the coin slot. Normal wear and tear can also cause problems with the way things work. If you try to force the machine to give your balls when you don’t have the right money, it will either break or stop working because you are putting pressure on the moving parts inside. Also, dirt and moisture often get stuck in the coin slot. When this happens, dirt and rust can build up along the inside parts of the machine, making it hard and sticky to use.

Resistance can cause a jam, which stops the balls from coming out in the way they were supposed to. Even worse, frustrated gamers often try to “fix” the problem themselves. If you hit or kick the ball tray too hard, for example, you could do more damage.

Even if the blockage is removed, the mechanism may still dispense the balls, but it won’t go back to being locked. The fact that the balls will keep falling into an unlocked ball tray makes it hard for the owner to make money because customers can play the game as many times as they want without having to pay.

Parts of the Key and Lock

The money you win on a coin-operated pool table should always be kept in a coin chute that you can lock for extra safety. Some property owners have the same problem over and over again: they lose the keys to the lock. Even though missing keys aren’t usually a reason to worry about repairs, you could do damage if you try to pick the lock or force open the release door to get the coins.

Hobbyists who are really good at DIY projects might even be able to force open the door by drilling through the lock. However, this method requires a new lock and key to be installed. In turn, this can cause more damage because fixing this part often means taking the slate off the roof.

Ball Return Elements

The ball return is an important part of coin-operated pool tables because it keeps the pool balls from rolling off the table and into the player’s hands. On the other hand, people who want to play face a big problem when the balls get stuck.

If you have an older version of the system made of molded plastic, the balls are more likely to get stuck in the system. Switching to a better-quality plastic that has been molded can help stop clogs. Also, when using these systems, you shouldn’t shake, knock, or make any other strong movements. This could make things even worse.

Cushions, bumpers, and handrails

Everyone at Penguin thinks it’s the most important thing in the world to have a table with a reliable and consistent bounce off the rails. Few parts of a pool table have a bigger effect on how the game is played as a whole than the cushions. This is true from the moment the table is broken to the last shot, which makes the player’s jaw drop.

Your cushions could have problems depending on how the table is built, how it is used (including how rough you are with it), how old it is, and where you keep it. The problem will have different effects depending on how it shows up, like when the cloth wears away at the top of the rubber at the center pocket or when the glue fails.

Check every so often to make sure the rubber under the felt hasn’t come loose from the wood sub rail. Any movement of the rail away from the table will leave the player with a “dead rail” and a bad time.

Penguin takes the time and effort to make and cover rails that most factories that make tables in large quantities don’t have. If you think that your rails are holding your company or your players back, please contact us or visit our website to learn more about how you can upgrade them.

The Framework of a Coin Operated Table

The outside of a coin-operated table needs the same amount of maintenance as that of a regular pool table, even though tables in public areas may wear out more quickly. This is especially true of the parts that hold the structure together, like the leg levelers or the felt covering.

Leveling Your Table

For the best pool game, the playing surface needs to be completely flat and even. Leg levelers, which are in each corner, provide stability when the floor is uneven or has moved. Even though billiard tables are strong, roughhousing could cause uneven pressure or cause uneven table legs to bend, wobble, or even break off. This could cause the table to fall over. Also, cheap levelers can rust over time and lose their structural strength.


By using, storing, and taking care of your pool table the right way, you can keep it in the best working condition possible. The parts for your coin-operated pool table are all available at Penguin Amusements. Now is a great time to take a look at our affordable but high-quality product line. Go to to check out our website.