Product Packaging: Can Any Cardboard Be Used?


We sometimes discover funny shipping packaging: shoeboxes, cereal packets, and old reused boxes. In practice, this is not recommended. Unsuitable or used boxes could tear during transport or not be able to be transported in good condition. Always prefer boxes intended for shipping and, as far as possible, new.

Tips For Choosing Your Box And Preparing Your Shipment Properly

Which Packaging To Choose?

Choose according to the product to be shipped: its weight, size, shape, and degree of fragility (easily damaged, sensitive to humidity, shocks, etc.). You will therefore have to observe several criteria:

  • The thickness of the cardboard: the thicker it is, the more it is resistant, protective, and can support heavy loads. Generally, for your shipments of fragile or heavy products, always prefer corrugated cardboard because it is more robust.
  • The presence or absence of bubble wrap or foam padding, depending on your needs.
  • The size: choose the size best suited to your product.
  • The shape: for example, a tube will better protect your long and narrow objects.

Where To Buy Shipping Packages?

You will find them on the specialized sites of cardboard manufacturers and certain carrier sites. On the marketplace, you can buy the main brands of shipping boxes, with a wide choice of formats, as well as pre-stamped Chrono post packaging.

How To Secure Shipments?

Your package, shipping Cushioning & Wrapping will undergo a series of steps during transport. You must ensure that it is protected as much as possible throughout its journey to its recipient. To do this:

  • Choose appropriate, good-quality packaging.
  • Secure and protect the product in the package using bubble wrap, kraft paper, foam, newspaper, or any other protective material.
  • If your product is sensitive to certain elements, such as humidity, extreme temperatures, or other, be sure to choose suitable Packaging Label Creation or add any proper protection (anti-humidity tray, anti-corrosion paper, waterproof cardboard box with treatment crocodile).
  • Close the package carefully, ensuring it cannot be opened by mistake or torn during transport.
  • Make sure that nothing protrudes from the package: stickers, handles, strings. These elements are likely to cause damage to your packaging during delivery.
  • Fill in the packing slip perfectly: add all the information requested and check that you have not made any mistakes. You can also add a few precautions for your international shipments, such as a security label or adhesive.

Can We Personalize The Packages?

The personalization of a package should be considered with caution. It can cause problems during delivery or complicate the work of postmen and carriers. It’s best to personalize your packages’ inside rather than the outside. However, some cardboard manufacturers allow you to design personalized packaging that fully complies with the standards expected to deliver your packages properly. Brandt Box for example also regularly offers limited-edition packaging to bring a touch of originality to your shipments.