Quantitative Nursing Research Topics


Research is a wholesome process that takes into consideration both facts and figures. When it comes to nursing, this is no different and this is where both qualitative and quantitative nursing research comes into play. However, our interest is in quantitative research. What is quantitative nursing and which are the best quantitative nursing research topics you can select for your dissertation topics to get the most out of it? Tag along as I get to furnish you with these answers and many more that you may have relevant to this topic.

What is quantitative nursing research?

Quantitative research also known as empirical research is a method used by researchers in their quest to gather and analyze data which is measurable by certain instruments. To get a broader feel of this, it entails using certain measurements relevant to the medical field such as heart rate, blood pressure or even temperature.

Characteristics of quantitative research paper

  • Measurable statistical data

Well, this falls in the basics of quantitative data. For you to have a proper paper, you have to correctly incorporate measurable statistical data in your paper. This means you have to do proper research and use data collection methods that allow you to get numerical data. Since quantitative data is integral in a quantitative nursing paper, it is advisable to hire a statistician for dissertation to advice on the research methodology.

  • Large population sample

Unlike quantitative data, qualitative research requires you to use a larger sample to get your data. This is vital since it gives you more room to learn patterns and get more information for analysis.

  • Structured data collection

Your preferred method of data collection should set you up properly to get a certain type of data( numerical data). You MUST be keen on this as it is right in the heart of your research. You can use surveys, experiments, controlled observations, interviews and many more methods to get the data.

In relation to data collection, make sure you have a proper data representation system that takes into consideration various units of measurement. Use all relevant data analysis and representation tools available such as charts and graphs to your advantage. Visual representation of data will take your paper from a 6 to an 8 instantly.

  • Hypothesis and deductive methodology

Over years of research, a lot has been achieved as far as medical research is concerned and a lot published. When using the quantitative approach you need to take an already work and test the hypothesis that emerges from them. these guide you on methodology and tests used as well as circumstances. We can all agree that under different circumstances different results are achieved.

Quantitative nursing research topics

  1. Heart attack and its causes
  2. Home care and nursing homes
  3. Chronic disease management
  4. Analysis of the efficacy of telemedicine
  5. Treatment of diarrhoea using unconventional methods
  6. Managing suicide attempts
  7. Statistical analysis of healthy diets
  8. Dealing with medical misinformation overload
  9. Stress management

When taking on your project, you need to be aware of your strengths and interests. You also have to put into consideration the available resources as well as the time available for you to complete your research. Begin able to manage all these will give you an upper hand and increase your productivity in your paper. It is also quite important to keep track of your progress by properly documenting your work in a way that can allow a third party to follow through.