Retail sales between the challenges and solutions of the current period



What does retail mean?

The retail sale means selling a good/service directly to customers and includes any trade in which you deal directly with the final consumer.

Examples include groceries and supermarkets, clothing stores of all kinds, cosmetic and perfume stores, personal care products, household appliances, detergent stores, ready-to-eat food stores, etc.

However, some producers need help to afford the cost of a store or shop. The solution is in retail stores, known in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as family stores.

In which the product owner delays a corner in those stores in exchange for a percentage of the profits or daily rent, for example, “The corner -Muse -Number nine – Black posh.”

Family stores used to provide small retailers with an opportunity to display their products in front of customers, so the idea here is for customers to be in this place to buy.

Retail challenges:

At present, retail activities are facing a significant problem in reaching customers, and some of them have come to a stop their activities completely.

Here are some of the challenges they face

  • Absence of consumers due to curfew
  • Stored goods and storage fees, and the possibility of their damage
  • Traditional marketing methods are expensive

Today, Triusuite offers this category of activities with distinctive and quick solutions that could be a reason to save some from bankruptcy.

First: the online store

The online store is a website on the Internet where you can display your products and manage the purchase process from beginning to end, and the website can provide you with many features, including

  • Quick and easy addition of new products through the admin control panel
  • Viewing methods Price includes pictures and details about the product.
  • Payment methods by credit card
  • Statistical reports on your site’s visitors: monitor visitor traffic and give an actual assessment of your site’s workflow
  • Compatible for use with all devices
  • Customer contact form with the company
  • A control panel for managing the site is easy to handle and control
  • Compatibility with search engines

And as is the case in the diversity of retail sales on the ground, the online store can be a supermarket, perfumes and cosmetics, clothes, etc.

As for the small retailers and the family-run stores that were rented to them, establishing an online store is as mutually beneficial on the Internet as it was between them on the ground.

This is if the owners of those family stores take advantage of the opportunity to create an online store under the same brand.

The retailers rent pages from this site or work for the profits as in the traditional.

Thus, they benefit both parties, and they can thus save their activities.

We also hosted a discussion in a previous article about the supermarket’s opportunities for digital presence.

Second: Marketing on social media

What distinguishes marketing on these social networking sites is that they are cheap and give quick results and a tangible impact on your business.

This is because 72% of the total population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia uses social media such as “Twitter – Facebook – Instagram ….etc.”

And with the ban, this percentage is increasing, as it has become the only window for them to the outside world and communication with each other.

As for starting marketing through social networking sites, it will be based on three basic steps, which are:

  • Create accounts on social media channels
  • Account management of promotional content and publications
  • Managing advertising campaigns on social media channels and Google advertising campaigns

Third: an online shopping application

Many customers prefer using smartphones to using laptops and computers.

Also, electronic shopping applications rank highly, as 55% of innovative phone applications are shopping applications.

This represents an excellent opportunity for retail owners to have an electronic application with which they can achieve higher sales, maintain their presence on the scene during the current circumstances, and work to expand their scope after eliminating this epidemic, God willing.

Fourth: Shipping and delivery

Retail activities must provide home delivery service, If customers are unable to reach you, you must contact them.

This is either by hiring employees to perform the delivery service or contracting with a shipping company.

In conclusion, dear reader, you should always consider the available solutions and not be afraid to take risks and invest in them, as this may be the lifeline for your business.