Rugged Tablets Pack a Full Array of Features


A robust tablet PC is more resistant than a standard tablet to liquids, dust, high temperatures, and unintentional falls onto hard surfaces. Let’s explore its major characteristics and the benefits of purchasing a Mobexx tough tablet together.


Being portable is the primary requirement for any equipment while using it outside. Although they are strong enough to withstand damage, rugged laptops are typically bulky and huge in size. When you need to use a full laptop, you have to find a spot to lay it down or else struggle carrying it in one hand. Carrying a full laptop about might be challenging. The carrying and holding of a tough tablet is much simpler. Although they are frequently lighter and smaller than laptops, they are nonetheless just as tough and resilient.

A defence against falls

No matter how careful individuals are, a tablet will ultimately fall to the ground, whether it is tossed from a restaurant or retail counter, slips out of a storekeeper’s hand, or drops from a shop counter or a table. For consumption patterns, a fall on concrete or other hard surfaces might result in the shattering of a screen or casing, damage to internal components that could result in loss of operation, or perhaps the breaking of one or both. A fall classification on a rugged tablet PC specifies how much of a fall it can endure and the device is equipped with more impact protection.

Versatility in application

Commercial tablets are used for a lot more than just processing different sorts of payments and performing basic transaction operations. Other jobs include giving employees product and inventory information, optimising restaurant orders, and accumulating customer data (such as purchase histories) for targeted marketing or loyalty programmes.

Rugged computers feature more RAM and processing power than traditional tablets, which are typically unable to handle this type of multitasking.

Resistance to water and dust

Spills and steam are frequent, particularly in restaurants, and drops may involve falls in liquids (such as sinks or puddles). Additionally, no setting is fully dust-free. Traditional tablets lack a protective barrier that keeps moisture or other objects from penetrating the inside and causing harm. Rugged tablets are made of materials that increase their strength, and they have ratings that show how strong they are.

In contrast to conventional tablets, robust ones intended for business usage may simply integrate or make room for a variety of accessories. A few of these accessories are:

  • A barcode scanner, and magnetic stripe readers
  • Cards with EMV “chip” readers (Europay, Mastercard, Visa)
  • For contactless payments, such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet, near-field communication (NFC) capabilities are used.
  • A biometric device.

Try to find models that already have these features or that can add them later, if required. You may shop for the best rugged tablets, rugged handhelds, rugged fixed, and in-vehicle computers at Mobexx.