The Best Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips


To maintain the health of your diesel, truck maintenance is needed on a regular basis. This is the best possible way to stay ahead of huge issues. By following these diesel truck maintenance tips, you can be certain your rig will be ready to go at all times.

One of the most simple things you can do for truck maintenance is to keep an eye on the oil. When the oil is fresh and clean, it will lubricate the engine. But when the oil becomes dirty, it becomes harder for it to lubricate the engine. Therefore, regular oil changes are highly recommended. Keep a regular schedule to change the oil, but note if the oil looks filthier than it should or it reeks of gasoline, make an appointment to have the oil changed.

If you are uncertain as to how often to change the oil on your big rig, refer to the owner’s manual. Each diesel truck is different. Some may go by miles while others go by months. Should you not have the manual, you can look online or ask your mechanic.

Engine coolant is another liquid that needs to be checked as part of your truck maintenance regimen. The engine coolant will allow your truck to be consistent with freezing and boiling points. You could find your truck damaged in extreme temperatures if you do not keep an eye on the coolant.

Brake fluid is another essential liquid your truck needs. Over time, your brake fluid can absorb moisture. This moisture will not allow the fluid to do the job it needs to do. Keep this changed on a truck maintenance schedule to ensure it works properly at all times.

Power steering fluid is something you do not want the big rig to be without. If you do not keep your truck stocked with this, the steering wheel will be hard to turn. Keeping this changed on schedule will allow for a longer life of the power steering pump and rack.

Be sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid at all times. This can be a lifesaver when the dirt is smeared across your windshield. When the reservoir begins to become empty, top it off.

Rotating the wheels should be a part of your regular diesel truck maintenance. Wheel rotation will improve gas mileage, decrease the vibrating of the truck’s suspension components, and prolong the truck’s suspension.

While the tires are being rotated, you can have them balanced too.  This will allow the tire’s weight to be dispersed around the axel evenly. When the wheels are not balanced, wear and tear will occur quicker on both the tires and the suspension.

If your big rig is in need of diesel truck maintenance, look for a professional such as Mid Florida Diesel. We can get you on the road faster and safer so you can keep going where you need to be.