The Best Hiring Services


In any company, having skilled employees you can depend on is essential to your success. However, the hiring process is both time-consuming and requires the use of money and resources you simply may not have. In addition, finding the right employee for your opening is no guarantee. The hiring process requires time and money and a bad hire means you have to start the process all over again. Plus if you are hiring for a specialized position or management, finding the right person for the job is even more critical as a bad fit can cost your company money and possibly damage existing teams and departments.

Luckily, there are options to increase the effectiveness of your hiring practices. There is an entire industry devoted to finding suitable employees and matching them to companies who need their services. Such companies range in terms of the types of employees they focus on allowing you to fill positions ranging from temp hires to higher management. Here is a brief overview of four such companies and what each focuses on.

1. Skogstad & Co

Skogstad & Co provides staffing services and is located in Norway. They focus on the recruitment of managers for companies in need of hire for positions in these areas. Their focus is on providing a proper fit where an employee’s skills and personality are a proper fit for the company they work for. They have access to highly skilled professionals in 40 countries and understand the importance the right person can make to a company. They research and interview a diverse candidate pool to select the right person for the job. You can visit website to learn more.

2. International Staffing Consultants Inc

International Staffing Consultants Inc has been assisting companies with their staffing needs since 1979. They focus on job openings in the United States and also internationally. They help with a wide range of jobs including those found in the fields of sales, marketing, technology, engineering, R&D, HR, start-ups, the scientific field, and more. They network with thousands of recruiters to find the best hire for their client’s employment needs. With 2,000 offices in North America and internationally, they allow you to access a large pool of talent to fill your job openings.

3. Oakstone International

Located in the United Kingdom Oakstone International assists in the hiring of executives in FinTech and SaaS. With a focus on C-suite and other high-level managers, they help mid-sized companies fill these highly important potions. A common issue with small to mid-sized companies is they lack the resources to do the amount of due diligence needed to hire for such important positions. Oakstone helps these companies fill these positions, grow, and expand. They help companies in the USA and the UK and have helped fill over 700 openings in the last five years.

4. Eagle Headhunters

Located in London Eagle Headhunters focuses on filling senior-level positions. However, they don’t make use of databases field with those seeking employment. As their name suggests, they actively seek out the best in your industry to bring them from their current employer to your company. They headhunt top-level employees in all sectors of employment and assist companies not just in the UK but worldwide. They can help you find the top performers in your industry and provide you with the resources to make contact and extend an offer. They have worked with companies focused on technology, SMEs, and other blue-chip companies.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right employee is a very hard choice to make and, in many cases, even finding the right employee can be a challenge. By hiring headhunters and other staffing professionals, you can receive the assistance you need to find the best talent for your openings and ensure you bring the right person to your company.