The Blueprint Process with C Squared Social


Do you have a vision for your business, but you’re struggling to bring it to life? If you are not 100% familiar with marketing, it can seem like a lot initially, which is why a blueprint is a comprehensive way to promote your business without commitment upfront. You can see C Squared Social put together a plan for your business!

Why Blueprint?

Our team can begin the Blueprint process for your business with just a few easy steps. First, you can pick a package, and then we can start. Here are a few highlights of the blueprints we offer.

Sign Up

First, you will select a package that fits your business needs. While at checkout, you will choose the perfect date to participate in our onboarding process with the C Squared Social Team.


We will now join you on a call to get to know your business and marketing goals. Onboarding is the time to share everything you want to get out of your experience with our professional marketing team. During this time, you will get to ask questions and explain your business, and we will do the same!


Based on your marketing needs, our team of experts will come together over the next few weeks to create your blueprint and bring your digital marketing piece to life.


We will present our most significant findings, strategy recommendations for marketing, and the knowledge we share with you. The blueprint is yours to keep no matter what you choose to do with your digital marketing endeavors.

Full-Service Digital Marketing


Finding your brand voice and strategy will help us define your concept and where you stand with competitors within your industry and give you a place in the marketing world. From here, we can recommend the most valuable strategies and platforms for your specific business needs.

Ads – Paid Advertising

Create images to pinpoint your business’s target audience and show you sample ads that will bring out a strategy you would benefit from.

Social Content & Emails

Our experts will find a social approach with topics that best suit your business’s overall goals. We’ll also offer an email marketing proposal for you to review.

Website & Landing Page

Depending on the package you choose, we will design a landing page or homepage to show off your company and make the competition sweat!

You will have all the resources and more to develop your brand, website, and social content in the blink of an eye. Our professionals here at C Squared Social want you to see what you can gain from just a few clicks and additions made to your company when you use social media marketing.

C Squared Social By Your Side

When it comes to blueprinting your social brand, this is the time to see everything come together. C Squared Social provides you with a sample of everything you could have to succeed as a business in the marketing world.

How you view your business will light up how others see you; if you let us chime in, we can create something incredible together.