The Most Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Hotel to Business Travelers


Business travelers who spend much of their time on the road should feel at ease at your hotel. It might be challenging to compete with other hotels for the same clientele. You may set yourself apart in a variety of ways, including marketing and website design. The Hawthorn Creative team has compiled a list of items to keep in mind to help propel your hotel to the top.

What Is the Importance of a Marketing Email Campaign?

Email marketing is an important part of every company’s marketing strategy. Email marketing boosts revenue, ROI, and customer pleasure regardless of how big or small your company is. If you own a hotel, you should launch an email marketing campaign as soon as feasible.

You should start by communicating with business travelers via email because that is how they like to communicate. You may learn about their arrival, facility amenities, and any special deals or activities that may be taking place while they are there.

Consider Why Your Hotel Should Be Their First Choice

What services do you offer to corporate travelers? Providing a business center and free wi-fi is insufficient. Consider providing them with a discount or complimentary snack from the hotel bar during happy hour or by holding a monthly business card drawing.

Do you provide quick breakfast alternatives or late-night munchies when they return from a long day at work? What about shuttle services to and from the airport or other frequently visited destinations?

Are the work environments inviting and relaxing? What kind of lighting are available for the workstation area? Do you have lap desks so that individuals may work in bed while watching a late-night movie? What about the hotel amenities? Is there a period when adults may use the gym and pool without being interrupted by children?

These gestures may go a long way toward making business travelers feel at ease. Going above and beyond will convince them to stick with you the next time they’re on the road.

Make Certain That the Staff is Kind and Welcoming.

Train your employees to invest the time necessary to get to know your consumers. It’s critical to remember their first names, offer them a bottle of water or some snacks when they return from a long day at work, or just wish them a nice day.

Your staff should be conversant with the local attractions. If your visitors question the best steakhouse in town, your personnel should be prepared to give instructions or even offer to call ahead and secure a place. Making simple connections results in a rewarding outcome.

Design a Website That People Love

The way your website looks can make or break who utilizes your services. It is often the first impression that they have of you and your hotel. You want something that brings your story to life and keeps users enrapt by showing off all of the great amenities that you offer and what makes you stand out among competitors. Not only that, but you will want to be able to use strong keywords that will make your website easier to find on search engines.

Obtaining Marketing Assistance

Now that you know what you need to do to flourish, you may wonder whether any services are available to assist you in achieving this. Hawthorn Creative is the ideal business for you. We can assist you with hotel web design that builds upon your brand while also configuring ways to improve it. We can also help find what words you should be using so that your hotel is not hidden among the sea of others.


Making an effort to ensure that your hotel is ideal for business guests will be noticeable. Travelers want more than corporate rates, free wi-fi, and the business center. What customers may expect from your staff and your hotel can be detailed in your pre-arrival communications. Include these extra activities in regular marketing emails as well. After learning what you have to offer, potential clients are more inclined to book a reservation with you.