Things to Consider When Choosing a Living Room Wallpaper


Living room wallpapers and wall stickers in Singapore are recently gaining popularity due to their features including easy installation, dust and dirt resistance, waterproof surface and option for customisation. With living room wallpaper, updating your interior walls will take less than a day!

Should you wish to improve your home interior design using wallpapers, we have come up with these four tips to consider when choosing an ideal wallpaper.

#1 When in Doubt, Choose a Designer Wallpaper

A designer wallpaper or wall sticker is a good option for homeowners who are not confident enough in their choice of design and colour. With a designer wallpaper, you can guarantee an aesthetically pleasing living room that your visitors will surely admire.

#2 Match Your Wallpaper to Your Furniture Pieces

The living room is one of the rooms in the house with the most furniture pieces. Thus, it is crucial to find a wallpaper that matches your current furniture to come up with a sleek interior design. Should you need help in finding the perfect wallpaper to match your furniture pieces, you can always consult the shop where you will buy your materials.

#3 Add Some Personal Touch

Personalised wallpaper is one of the trends in interior design today. Many homeowners, especially those who are frequently receiving guests, are opting for customised wallpaper to add a personal touch to their living rooms.

#4 Choose a Timeless Shade

You will be able to save big on your home improvement when you do not need to update your wallpaper frequently. The best way to achieve this is to choose a timeless colour for your living room wallpaper. Some of the timeless hues are neutrals, any shade of blue and earth tones.

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