Using AI to Identify Problem-Solving Startups


Corporations and large businesses benefit from the innovations of startups because these more agile new businesses willingly try new approaches to success. Until the advent of Entrapeer, finding the right startups for your corporation hadn’t been easy.

What Our Platform Does

Entrapeer provides innovation management solutions that empower established companies to find startups with technologies that solve their problems. While it sounds like a big promise, Entrapeer leverages the power of well-trained artificial intelligence to spot use cases online and gather them together in one succinct database. We don’t stop there. Our human staff reviews every use case to ensure it applies and adds value to the database.

How Our Database Helps Corporations

Accessing our platform makes startup scouting a breeze for companies because we organize every ounce of information for you. Search our database platform by problem to find the solution quickly and efficiently.

The Entrapeer platform doesn’t provide just a summary and contact information. We collate all the evidence surrounding the startups’ technology, providing the details on how their software, platform, or product solves a problem and offering specific use cases to show how each company implemented it and the results. By doing research for companies searching for solutions to ongoing problems, we reduce the corporation’s time investment and usher it to the point of contact with the startup.

How Our Database Helps Startups

Any startup with a minimum viable product (MVP) and at least one use case can benefit from inclusion in our platform. By demonstrating how their product or platform benefits other businesses, a startup can attract corporate and large business partners. Whether a startup offers a plug-and-play solution or a product requiring a proof-of-concept (POC) or pilot project, inclusion in the Entrapeer database can help a startup attract new partners.

How We Help Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Access the Entrapeer platform to discover a new world of innovations suited to your investment interests. The startups in our database platform have already developed their MVPs but may need industry insiders, mentors, or an infusion of growth capital. Easily vet potential investments to spot those that most interest you without needing to traipse to pitch nights or group meetings. Gain an advantage over other VCs and angels by using our pre-vetted startups and reviewing detailed information on their products and successful implementations.

Consider Our Use Cases

Do you wonder if Entrapeer suits your company or startup? Wonder no more; peruse our use cases. Find out how we helped a European telco find the right startup to help reduce its energy consumption and reach new markets. Learn how Işbank used Entrapeer to locate a startup that helped it reduce costs and increase revenue while improving performance using machine learning. Explore how we helped a major European tire firm locate indoor vertical farm startups and those using waterless growing methods to reduce their environmental impact while still acquiring high–quality raw rubber materials.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Startups – don’t wait for our AI search to find you. Provide your information and use cases today so we can integrate your information into our platform. Corporations, VCs, and angel investors – leverage our platform now to find the top startups to create mutually beneficial relationships that foster win-win scenarios in every industry.