What you need to know before applying for a PEP


Singapore’s abundant economic industry is secure thanks to high industry independence levels and excellent positioning, which has attracted investors and business executives alike. Together with this, many opportunities for both work have been created within various fields.

Individuals with expert degrees in their specializations or who have amassed years of industry experience are likely to locate themselves in demand in Singapore. The Personalised Employment Pass(PEP) was created by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as a lure for them to come work there.

The PEP program comes with potential benefits and custom shortcomings. We’ll highlight the Things to Note Before You Apply for a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP).

What is PEP (Personalised Employment Pass)

The PEP is a special type of work pass that is granted to highly skilled professionals who are employed by certain types of companies in Singapore. The PEP allows these professionals to work in Singapore and gives them greater flexibility in switching jobs.

To be eligible for a PEP, you must first have a job offer from an eligible company. Eligible companies include start-ups, global or regional headquarters, and research and development centres.

If you meet these criteria, you can apply for a PEP online through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority website. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a PEP card, which will be valid for up to six years.

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What Benefits Does a PEP (Personalised Employment Pass) Offer?

A PEP (Personalised Employment Pass) is a special type of work pass that is granted to highly skilled foreign professionals who wish to work in Singapore. A PEP holder enjoys certain privileges and benefits that are not available to other foreign workers. Some of the benefits of holding a PEP include:

There is no limit on the number of years that a PEP holder can stay in Singapore. This means that a PEP holder can remain employed in Singapore for as long as his or her company is willing to sponsor him or her.

PEP holders are eligible to work for any type of employer, but certain occupations require pre-approval, such as that of a doctor, dentist, security guard, and so on. In general, the PEP creates the freedom to work and move between industries without having to obtain a new permit for each new job.

They still need to use the PEP Notification Form to inform the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) that they have found a post complimentary employment pass. PEP holders can also avoid having to apply for a new employment pass or being questioned about their immigration status by not becoming unemployed (for a period of around half a year). These options will provide them with a convenient way of living and working within Singapore.

Also, it gives dependents the same advantages as Employment Pass holders. This means that your spouse and children are allowed with you on a Dependant s Pass (DP). The Long Term Visit Pass permits you to be with your parents in Singapore as well.

Before applying for a PEP it is important to be aware of a few things. It is therefore important to research the requirements and process thoroughly before beginning the application.