Workers Comp Alternatives You Should Know


Workers can get injured while at work, and various things are likely to interfere with their recovery and going back to work. That has come to the considerations of the workers’ compensation plan in every state that ensures that even though injured workers cannot go back to work, they can still survive. The compensation plans help workers’ pay for their hospital bills and other benefits that will enable them to get back to their feet after the long period of being off work.

There are many different ways workers receive compensation; these are the workers comp alternatives. However, before workers are fully compensated, they should first go through lawful proceedings to ensure that they were not on the wrong side when things happened. Here are some of the ordinary workers comp alternatives:

Medical only

The medical-only workers comp alternative is the simplest to file and get through. These are the mild injuries that can be treated within the shortest period possible and compensated. These do not seem serious because the injured worker can return to work immediately after the treatment. After all, the injuries were mild. Sometimes these do not need to be taken to court; they can be handled immediately.

Temporary partial disability

The temporary partial disability claim is common among workers and their environment today. This happens when a particular worker is partially impaired. Thus, they cannot do some duties during that time or even later. They can still go back to work, but they will be assigned lighter duties than before. Here the employer has to compensate the worker by paying their hospital bills and compensating the lost wages for the period they were off work.

Temporary total disability

This category is for the workers who might have injured themselves in that they cannot entirely work for some time. Here, a diagnosis is supposed to indicate the recovery period, but the worker cannot return to work until they have fully recovered. If an employee’s injuries fall under the temporary total disability category, then the compensation alternatives are the cost of rehabilitation, treatment, and seeing a physician or any specialist. Moreover, the company has to pay for the lost wages when the person is not at work.


Death is the most challenging and most brutal injury to handle, and it takes a long period before the deceased’s beneficiaries get the benefits from the compensation. If the worker succumbs to death, the beneficiaries, the spouse, parents, or children, should receive the compensations of their loved ones. Most states, through lawful procedures, ensure that they correctly calculate the amount of money and other benefits that the beneficiaries should receive. The calculations are based on the wages they received, and there are maximum and minimum amounts they should receive. In contrast, other states have an alternative of taking one of the beneficiaries and giving them a job.

The bottom line

Various workers comp alternatives can be considered in case of any injury caused to the worker. Compensation alternatives will always vary based on the intensity of the accident or injury.

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