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Different sources tried to give a clear-cut picture of net worth: Nan Inc Owner. Patrick Shin, a successful South Korean builder, has opened a large size construction company, Nan Inc in Honolulu. From 1990 (after the birth of Nan Inc) onwards, this construction organization continued its steady growth. Patrick won several revenue-based projects for the airport and bridges constructions at different times. A quick roadmap is helpful for beginners to know about the total revenue earned by this company and its owner by the end of the year. 

About Company 

Nan Inc Construction Company is the brainchild of Patrick Shin, an aspirant maverick constructor. Nan Inc does the general building construction, renovation of the half or pre-construction, and decoration. When this company was constructed for business expansion way back in 1990, it had an awe-inspiring vision to go ahead. With times proceeding, Nan Inc owner saw the sunrise by completing airport, bridge, and road construction projects one after another successfully. 

Know about Nan Inc Owner 

Nan Inc owner named Patrick Shin is a South Korean by origin or birth. This brave and bold fellow never spent time lazily. He planned to introduce a big construction company to people. In 1990, he employed his team to inaugurate Nan Inc in Hawaii with its main headquarters based in Honolulu. His construction company has expertise in multiple domains like pre-construction, building improvement, and general bridge construction. Annually, he earns over 100 million dollars. His net worth starts from 50 million to 548 million dollars. 

Different Statistic Reports on Net Worth of Nan Inc Owner 

The controversial press releases and statistic reports misguide beginners. For example, a report submitted by dnb.com estimated over $190 million in revenues per annum after checking the credit history of Nan Inc. However, this bank statement stands for cancellation due to the wrong calculations. Another dependable cable online confirms the estimated annual revenues generated by this company is not less than $300 to $400 million. More positive and correct reports are cited by another reporting agency (Zoominfo). The straight calculation is $548 million as yearly revenue. The quarterly revenue estimated is somewhere between $130 and 137 million dollars. The simple math is that Nan Inc bags 500 to 900 million dollars worth of revenue every year after deducting all expenses including labor costs. 

Check Annual Revenue 

  • The individual net worth of Nan Inc is around $50 million 
  • Quarterly, the company receives $137 million in revenues per annum 
  • The last update is $500 to $900 million revenues yearly

Patrick Shin, the father of Nan Inc, has a handful of new projects to replace the old bridges and remodel the airports using ultra-modern construction technology. He inspires juniors how to achieve fame and money by constructing sky-kissing buildings, airports, and bridges/connectors.