About Payday Loans and the Best Platform to Take Payday Loans From-


One of the things that many people don’t know is that a payday loan is a kind of short-term loan where a lender will give credit based on high-interest. In a payday loan, it is also important for the lender to see your income. So basically, you get loans based on your income. The method of giving the loan mainly depends on your next pay-cycle. For short-term immediate credit, payday loans charge a high interest rate. Payday loans can also be called cash advance loans, or you can even term them as check advance loans. Payday loans are available to consumers and are a kind of high-interest, short-term loan. Another important aspect of payday loans is that they are based on how much you get in your salary.

Best Platform for Payday Loans-

Plus, with a payday loan, you have to give a pay stub, especially when you are applying for one. You can apply for payday loans online guaranteed approval – slick cash loan. Another thing you should know about payday loans is that they are not available in every state. There are 16 states where payday loans of any kind are outlawed. A number of laws have been enacted over the years to regulate the high fees and interest rates associated with payday loans. Payday loans will always charge the borrowers with interest rates that are high and do not need any collateral, which makes them a type of personal loan that is unsecured. Also, these loans are called “predatory lending” as they have an extremely high interest rate.

Pay Stubs are Important-

Payday loans don’t consider the ability of the borrower to repay and also have hidden add-on fees. So, the thing that happens is that a debt trap can be created for consumers. If you are thinking about payday loans, then think of some safer alternatives for taking out loans. Payday loans are not for everyone. Not every person can pay off payday loans. In a payday loan, the lenders would normally want the borrower to submit proof of income—which is the pay stubs from your employer. They will then give you a portion of money and you will have to pay back the loan amount within a short span of time, i.e., 30 days. It can be even less than that.

No Credit Checking-

One of the things that borrowers should know is that payday lenders take a plethora of risk, because they do not inspect and check on your capacity to pay back the loan. Due to this factor, they will charge high interest rates and also there are high fees if you miss paying the loans in time or make repayments. Plus, this is not so good for the borrowers because it would mean that you require more cash to pay back the first loan. There are also online lenders for the payday loan options. To complete the payday loan application all that you need is a pay-stub from your office or employer which shows your present level of income.

Wages as Collateral –

Many lenders even use the borrower’s income as a collateral. Also, the lenders do not do a full credit check to see whether you are able to pay the loans or not. Also, one of the things that you should know is that payday lenders will charge high interest rate like that of 780% in APR i.e., annual percentage rate with an average loan running at around 400%. Most of the states are there that have usury laws which limits the interest charges anywhere from 5% to 30%. But the payday lenders fall under the exemptions which allows them to take high interest charges.