Everything You Need To Know About Compressed Air And Going Green


Going green means energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. About 80% of the total cost of ownership of a compressor is energy costs. Investing in environmentally friendly compressors and optimizing your current air systems to consume significantly less energy will reduce compressed air production costs and a company’s carbon footprint.

So exactly how much energy can you save by going green? This question can be important for small businesses, as an energy-efficient compressor’s higher initial purchase price can be an issue. Taking the risk of using your old compressor can create uncertainty about the reliability of your equipment and your ability to maintain production processes.

Enjoy stability with green air compressors, which guarantee a lower production cost and are protected against fluctuating energy prices. With a green compressor like in Fluid-Aire Dynamics for example, you can enjoy greater reliability, a longer maintenance interval, and compliance with all current and future emission standards.

How Going Green Can Make Financial Sense

Environmentally friendly compressors may have a higher purchase price but offer much lower operating costs. Therefore, they are profitable in the long term because they positively affect the total cost of ownership (TCO). The total cost of ownership includes the costs of purchase, ownership, and operation over the compressor’s life. The initial purchase price of the compressor is only a small part of the total cost of ownership. Energy costs are a significant part of the total cost of ownership and could continue to be a significant issue in the future. The best investment option regarding energy costs is a premium compressor that can save energy.

Going green isn’t just about buying a new compressor. By providing the right level of maintenance to your existing facility, you will not only get a return on your investment, but you will also contribute substantially to the financial benefits of going green. Green compressor technologies help create a comfortable working environment while delivering significant energy savings.

Compression Heat Is The Key To The Green Compressor House

A remarkable characteristic of energy is its ability never to diminish but rather to transform into another type of energy. A compressor generates heat. Companies with Air Compressor Replacement Parts generally let this heat dissipate as quickly as possible to keep ambient temperatures low. There is a better way to make this: heat recovery.

Purchasing a compressor with integrated energy recovery or installing a heat recovery system between the compressor and the cooling and heating circuits will allow 70 to 94% of the energy to be recovered and reused necessary for the operation of a compressor. Hot water heated to 90°C and recovered from the compressed air system is most suitable for process heating applications.

The need for purchased energy is reduced through heat recovery. This reduction translates into lower CO2 emissions and lower operating costs. When it comes to companies meeting carbon emission reduction targets and improving manufacturing plant profitability, energy cost savings are important to these companies.