How to Take Care of Solar Panels at Your Business

How Does Solar Energy Work?


With the state of the economy and how bills shoot up for residential and business owners alike, more and more people are turning to solar energy as a solution. Although this is becoming increasingly popular, users are developing more questions about how it works and what the advantages and downfalls of the use of solar power are. In this article, not only will we be discussing the use and advantages of solar power, but we will also be talking about Opal Energy Group, New Jersey’s premier commercial solar company, and how they can help you save money with the best options for you and your business.

What Is Solar Power?

The term “solar radiation” refers to the light released by the sun, which is also referred to as “electromagnetic radiation.” Although all points on Earth are exposed to some degree of sunlight throughout the course of a year, the quantity of solar radiation that is received at any one position on the surface of the planet varies. Solar technologies are able to collect this radiation and convert it into other types of energy that may be used.

Photovoltaics (abbreviated as PV) and concentrating solar thermal power (abbreviated as CSP) are the two primary categories of solar energy technology.

PV Basics

You are probably most aware of PV, which is short for photovoltaics and may be found in solar panels. PV cells in a solar panel are able to take in and store the sun’s rays as electrical energy when the panel is exposed to direct sunlight. This energy results in the creation of electric charges, which then move as a reaction to an internal electrical field inside the cell, which in turn results in the flow of electricity.

CPS Basics

Mirrors are employed in concentrated solar power, also known as CSP, systems. These mirrors reflect and focus the sun’s rays onto receivers, which gather solar energy and convert it to heat. This heat may then be utilized to create electricity or stored for later use. Its primary use is in very massive power plants.

Why Use Solar Power?

Solar energy is the source of energy that is expanding at the highest rate in the United States, and it may be the greatest chance the country has for attaining its climate objectives. Solar energy may assist in boosting the economy by lowering the need for fossil fuels. This makes solar energy less susceptible to the constraints imposed by drilling rigs, quickly increasing fossil fuel costs and imports from countries that do not share the same values as the United States. Instead, solar energy draws its consistent supply of energy from the sun.

According to  research that was just released by the United States Department of Energy, solar energy has the potential to provide as much as forty percent of the nation’s electricity by the year 2035. It is especially critical for low-income people to have access to solar energy since they are the least able to pay the escalating cost of residential energy and are less likely to have generators or other backup systems in case the power goes out.

Where Does the Opal Energy Group Come In?

For several decades now, Opal Energy Group has been providing businesses in the New Jersey area with solar power as well as the required maintenance to keep your system up and running! Opal Energy Group can install and maintain solar panels on virtually any type of roof and can provide you with an estimate and quote in just a short amount of time if you elect to contact them today!

There’s no reason to waste time on the switch to greener and more environmentally friendly energy! Give Opal Energy Group a call today and find out why solar power is on the rise and how you can be part of the growing trend.