Scranton Area Spinal Cord Injury Attorney



The spinal cord is the main conversation channel from the brain to the rest of the body. Through the spinal cord, the brain can automatically sustain life, receive information about pain and temperature, and discipline the competence of the body that allow full movement. Even minor accident to the spinal cord can be devastating.

An damaged spinal cord can moderately or absolutely block conversation from the brain to all parts below the injury site. Victims can suffer everlasting, life-altering damage. People with spinal cord injuries can experience chronic pain, high medical costs, and poor quality of life. A Scranton Spinal Cord Injury Attorney at Manly Law Firm can help you fight for your honorable to compensation to cover medical and reclamation costs, pain and difficulty, and emotional concern. Chat, email today. , or contact a Scranton personal injury attorney by phone to schedule a free consultation.

Car Accidents – Even minor accidents can cause traumatic cervical spine injuries that can be confused for simple whiplash. Catastrophic outpouring – People ancient history the age of 65 are at particularly high risk of slip- and fall-related injuries, usually due to sudden compression or indirect of the spinal cord.

Workplace and Occupational Injuries – Hazardous work environments can lead to spinal cord injuries if workers are injured by heavy equipment or other hazards. In addition, improperly lifting heavy objects or exceeding entrenched safety standards can cause spinal cord injuries to workers.

Medical malpractice – When a doctor fails to take proper precautions, it can cause spinal cord injury. Some common medical errors are surgical errors, misadministered anesthetics, and chiropractic treatments evidence:

Attorneys have access to belongings and expertise to gather evidence to help support their cases. They are adept at inspecting cases and gathering testimony, video motion picture, and other relevant evidence.

If a cell phone is suspected of causing an accident, the subpoena may require the driver to obtain a cell phone recording to prove that the phone was used. A police report can provide insight into the incident, but further examination may be needed on behalf of the victim. Talking to a potential witness is one action you can take.