Kajabi Community, Its Offers and Plans Which It Provides to Users



A Kajabi community is one kind of digital platform that gives a chance to people to create a community of their own. In this guide, we will be looking at the add-on features of the Kajabi community. Some of the additional skins (features) of the kajabi community are that it has options for pinning the posts and creating posts, and it also consists of various interactive skins. One of the common things that you will know about the Kajabi community is that people who are connected members can now have the option to view, like, and follow and unfollow any content that you have shared, as well as comment on it, and ask and answer queries of different kinds. Also, you will know that the interaction of the or within the community will help you get important feedback on what content or product in kajabi to change and what to keep.

Kajabi Provides-

There are several things that Kajabi offers. Let’s look into them. You can check virtually for kajabi website examples on the website of kajabi. You should also brush up on your knowledge. On the community dashboard of Kajabi, you will get a specific place where you can set an offer to the connected people in your community. You can also work out different prices or costs for different creations. You can also allow the connected members or users to use them for free if they have beta users’ roles. One of the additional tips that you can use to enhance your engagement is to use YouTube Live to do the live streaming directly to your community or group. This way, the connected members or users can respond quickly by commenting on your live stream.

Plans for Kajabi Community-

Let’s take a look at Kajabi’s plans and overview. One of the best ways in which you can greatly influence your business and the online community is by choosing a specific kind of kajabi plan. Every creator of the kajabi community should pay a price, i.e., an initial investment for the platform. The first and foremost plan is the Basic plan. This plan comes with a cost of around 119 dollars per month. Besides that, it is one of the cheapest plans which permits the selling of 3 different products, i.e., 3 channels, 10,000 contacts, and around 1k active members, plus one website and one admin. Next is the growth plan. It is a medium-range plan, and the average cost per month for this plan is $159 USD. You can sell 15 products, then 15 pipelines, and can have 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members with one website and 10 admin users.


Additionally, the growth plan gives you advanced computerization and the possibility to run your own associate program, and also you can remove from the footer of the page the ‘powered by Kajabi’ branding. Next, the plan is the most expensive plan. I.e., the Pro Plan, will cost you around $319 per month and you can sell 100 products. There are 3 websites and 20k active members with 1 million contacts and 25 admin user accounts. This is mainly created for selling the courses online with a huge team and a combination of other kajabi products. No matter what plan you choose, you will get infinite marketing e-mails, landing pages, assessments like quizzes and surveys, chat support, and free transactions.