Mod lighting reviews to choosing the Most Appropriate Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Spaces


Lighting fixtures contribute significantly to the ambiance of the space in which they are installed. Additionally, lighting fixtures themselves are decorative accessories and should be chosen accordingly. In actuality, the selection of lighting fixtures is a crucial element in “completing” a room’s design.

The objective of mod lighting reviews is to select a lighting source that not only provides adequate illumination for the area in question, but also blends in with its surroundings in such a way that it appears to have been created specifically for the area. A mismatched earring, belt, or handbag can make an outfit appear unsightly. In the same way that poor lighting choices can ruin an otherwise well-accessorized home, poor lighting choices can also ruin an otherwise well-accessorized home.

Research properly before purchasing

The areas designated as living spaces are especially susceptible to poor lighting decisions. Prior to adding lighting fixtures as a decorative element, living spaces should be thoroughly examined. This is due to the fact that living spaces are typically the most utilised area of the home. The d├ęcor of the room determines the lighting sources that should be used, where they should be placed, and the finishes that should be sought.

It is possible that this is a classic space, with an elegant living room and a floor covered in muted tones. Consequently, the lighting in this area should be dim, and recessed lighting that casts a warm golden hue across the surface is ideal. Under these ceiling lights, table lamps with scrolled bases, wrought iron bases, or bronze bases with a brushed finish would look fantastic. The lamp shades can have a coordinating colour, but it is best to avoid bright white or other vibrant hues. The best colour option for shade is one with muted tones and a palette of earthy hues.

If the room is decorated in a Victorian style, the bases of table lamps and accessory lamps should be made of delicate crystal or glass. The most effective way to illuminate the area above a table is to instal a crystal chandelier or a tiered suspension fixture with miniature shades featuring floral accents. The shades’ dangling tassels provide an additional attractive ornamental element for this space. Particularly beautiful in a Victorian room are floor lamps with arched stems and cut or etched glass shades, especially when placed alongside a wing-back chair or chaise lounge.

Your room may have a contemporary or modern atmosphere

This space requires simple furnishings; there is no room for ornate jewel tones or frilly accents. It is recommended that pieces with utilitarian purposes have finishes such as silver, brushed nickel, or industrial metal in order to maintain a clean, uncluttered space. The lighting should be bright, but not harsh; therefore, choose pieces that make dramatic statements while minimising glare.

The best way to achieve an overhead lighting effect is to use a fixture that is mounted as close to the ceiling as possible and has as little decoration as possible. It would be more appropriate to use floor lamps rather than table lamps in this area. Consider purchasing floor lamps with thin bases and unique shades in neutral colours such as grey, white, or black. Again, brushed silver and nickel are the ideal finishes for this area because they exude a sense of minimalism while simultaneously completing the room and alleviating the starkness and emptiness that can be problematic in the contemporary home.