Prefabricated Data Centre Relocation: 6 Steps to a Smooth Transfer

With a company’s growing need for space, many will find it natural to transfer their prefabricated data centre. However, you cannot move on the spur of the moment without a plan. Aside from consulting your data centre solution provider for guidelines, there are several things you need to think about and prepare ahead of time if you are moving your IT infrastructure from one location to another.

1. Set clear objectives

Decide what you want to accomplish with the migration and set goals and KPIs to track your progress in that direction. This way, you can still have enough time to prepare and have a data centre consultancy in case there are necessary construction details you must know.

2. Meet your staffs

When handling a prefabricated data centre, you must call the data centre supervisor, IT unit, system administrator, and most importantly, the business departments. Determine the best time to meet with each application’s management.

3. Hire external resources

Transferring a prefabricated data centre is not only done with a few hands to carry it. Consider working with a well-versed provider in data centre infrastructure who has a track record of successful migrations.

4. Consider the improvements

Moving is an opportunity to reconsider and improve the architecture of the IT room. It is to minimise hot spots and maximise the use of cold. Contact your data centre solution provider if there is anything you can upgrade or change before your relocation.

5. Allow minor adjustments

Planning to move a prefabricated data centre will need more than a plan. It will require a detailed strategy to ensure that you don’t overlook minor details. Establish work progress and record processes.

6. Set duties

If you need to estimate the day to day procedure, it’s best to go through a data centre consultancy. It is to make sure that everything is highly regulated and evaluated. Talk to your team about the daily schedule and time. Acme Associates is a data centre solution provider that delivers the most reliable services. They also offer video conferencing equipment in Singapore for office workspace needs. Contact them today!