The 40ft Shipping Containers: What Are The Features?


Every shipping container offers different specifications, such as the size, weight capacity, and some other extra features. But, there are shipping containers that offer you some specifications; you should have to check out how the container offers you great service. Consider the different sizes of shipping containers, such as the 20ft standard, 20ft high cube, 40 ft standard, and 40ft high cube containers.

40ft SCF shipping container specifications

The SCF 40ft shipping containers have different specifications according to requirements:

  • 40ft curtain side container. A container ideal for both irregular and palletized freight profiles. It has a curtain that enables access from both sides for easy to operate and the intelligent design allows one person for easy and safe access to the unit.
  • 40ft half height side door. A container appropriate for all kinds of general transport, specifically dense cargo and palletized. The container has a popular choice for beverages and soft palletized holding to 20 pallets.
  • 40ft high cube. A container for storing large volumes of goods onsite with a spacious area. The container size is well-suited for modifications, such as:
  • Workshop
  • Shed alternative
  • Construct homes
  • 40ft pallet wide. The container has wide enough to fit two cheap pallets (side-by-side) to maximize equipment utilization. It easily fits 20 pallets for secure and safe transport. Or, 40 pallets to add the vertical load boars.
  • 40ft shipping container. A container with twice the length of the 20ft variant. It means twice the internal storage volume. It is a great choice for big sites with a high volume of storage requirements.
  • 41ft refrigerated container. The container has 20 pallets refrigerated container delivering superior temperature control (40 pallets) with load bars. The intelligent insulation design will provide maximum refrigeration properties for:
  • reducing machinery run time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Costs
  • 46ft refrigerated container. The container has an additional internal capacity that provides storage for up to 44 pallets with the load bars. It is ideal for rail transport and long-haul road, smart temperature control systems with a superior insulation design providing optimum refrigeration environment.
  • 48ft curtain side container. It offers additional cubic capacity for both irregular freight and palletized types. The operator use is made simple with the secure entry of a person, available from both sides.
  • 48ft pallet wide. The container provides the largest cubic capacities while maintaining a low rate weight and a feature-rich product. The store has two chip pallets, side by side, creating space from any 24 pallets or 48 pallets by adding the vertical load bar choice.

48ft refrigerated container. The container offers extra pallet space for intermodal transport. It has 24 pallet refrigerated containers that store up to 48 pallets creating cost savings and fuel consumption.