The benefits of Manned guarding


Security is important for every business, but not every business has the same budget. This leads them to consider different security options such as CCTV, manned guarding, and other measures. 

If you want to protect your business, you’ve probably considered manned security yourself. If you’re uncertain whether this is the right measure for your business, here are the benefits of having security staff at your workplace. 

Visual Deterrent of Crime

Security measures that criminals can see are a proven deterrent to crime. Criminals want to find the easiest target possible and a physical security presence is a clear barrier. This means that criminals are less likely to even consider your business as a potential target, to begin with, let alone make an actual attempt to break into your premises. 

Fast Response Time

In the case of an emergency, you need the quickest response possible. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, emergency services can’t always get to you as quickly as they would like to. So where can you get the help that you need? From your manned guards. 

Security professionals hired from the right facilities management company will be trained to help in a number of situations. This means that they will have skills in first aid, evacuations, and even knowledge on what to do incase of fires and other incidents. Although they may not be fully trained or equipped like paramedics, for example, they will certainly be able to assist before emergency services can arrive on the scene. 

Locking and Unlocking Services

Entrusting keys to your staff is risky. Keys can go missing, fall into the wrong hands, or any number of other issues. So the obvious solution is to have the keys yourself right? Well, this presents even more problems.

For starters, this means that you will need to be the first to arrive every day and the last to leave so you can lock up once the building is vacant. Secondly, if there is an incident in the wee hours where emergency services need access to the building, who are they gonna call? (unfortunately not the ghostbusters. It will be your phone ringing at 3 am). 

This is where having a manned guard can help. They will not only be able to provide access in emergency situations, but they can unlock and lock your business when needed so you can spend more time at home. 

Help with Internal Problems

Although it is rare, there is a chance that a member of your staff may behave inappropriately at work. Having a manned guard at your work not only deters this behaviour, to begin with, but it means you have someone on deck to deal with any incidents that may occur. 

For example, they will be able to de-escalate a situation where someone is acting aggressively and remove them from the premises if needed. 


As you can see, there are a number of great benefits of having a physical security presence in your workplace.