Ways to Use NFC 


NFC or Near-Field Communication is a high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows data transfer between devices within a short range. Wi-Fi, 3G, and other network connections are not needed for the two devices’ short-range wireless connection. 

But how does NFC work? In essence, an NFC chip is a microchip with an antenna that contains a small amount of memory. This antenna is used to link with other devices as long as these are of close range. 

There are many ways to use an NFC chip. Below are some of them. 

NFC Chips for Ownership Verification

NFC chips can be used to confirm who holds goods and other related commodities. With many NFC applications, the chip ID is constantly accessible to the general public and is always easy to read. The ID serves as an identifier to link the product to the data in the manufacturer database.

Digital Business Cards

A digital business card with an NFC chip is pre-programmed with contact information. Users can enter the card’s contact information into their address book by scanning it.

Furthermore, the NFC smart business card allows them to share their identity with anyone, and the recipient is not required to install any app to receive the business card details. Overall, it is an excellent networking tool. 

NFC Chips to Pay Bills

With an NFC-enabled card or smartphone, people can pay their bills without having to carry their wallets or purse. Various countries already accept NFC payment methods, with leading NFC payment applications like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Furthermore, using NFC to pay is more secure than physical payment methods. This is due to the ability of digital e-wallet apps to tokenize bank credentials into something that imposters cannot access.

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