What is a shrink-wrapping machine?


Shrink wrappers are referred to as shrink machines and they all function by heating a material that is being shrunk, the various machines on the market are intended to offer packaging solutions for businesses of varying sizes and with varying levels of required production. Despite this, at Sontex we will be able to locate a shrink-wrapping machine that satisfies your business needs, regardless of the size or shape of the goods you want to package.

How do shrink wrapping machines work?

A shrink wrap machine distributes film that is then loosely folded around a product once it has been wrapped in the machine. After that, the film is heated, at which point it contracts and creates a snug wrapping around the goods. The procedure may be carried out by machines that are either simple or complex, but the overall strategy is the same in each case.

Benefits of Shrink-Wrapping Machines

  1. The use of shrink wrap provides an additional layer of protection for items.

After applying the shrink wrap, you will need to heat the material so that it can take the shape of the object and then seal the ends of the box to make it completely airtight, for example using Sontex EL-Matic Automatic L Sealer for example. It shields items against the damaging effects of water, dust, rubbing, and even ripping.

  1. Tamper-resistance is another reason why companies employ shrink wrapping:

Shrink wrapping machines make products less susceptible to being opened by unauthorised individuals. If there has been any tampering, it will be immediately apparent, and the items will be recalled before they are delivered to the consumer. End-users are also helped to have more confidence in the purchases they make because of this.

  1. Convenience

This comes from the fact that shrink wrapping may be used on a wide variety of items, both in terms of their form and their dimensions. It can protect products of any size and form, even those with unusual shapes.

How to Select the Best Shrink Wrap Machine for Your Company

Think about the items you want to package and what will happen to them once they have been packed to determine the sort of shrink film you will want.

Gain an understanding of the many shrink wrap machines that are available and the advantages that may be gained from using each one.

Picking an appropriate shrink wrap for your items is critical when selecting the right shrink wrap machine for your company. Our PVC shrink wrappers are often used for daily goods, and sleeve sealers are usually to provide strength and security for products.

Shrink wrap machines are segmented for different uses, and varied sizes are offered for items with complex sizes or shapes. Think about the following:

Volume of Items: For lower quantities and smaller products, a smaller machine might be used. These machines are reasonably priced and well-suited to small eCommerce firms and online storefronts. Low volume machines such as impulse sealers, semi-automatic L shaped sealers are employed since they have reduced entry costs which are perfect for medium volume shrink packaging.


If you want to ensure that your items are safeguarded, you should consider using shrink wrapping machines from Sontex. Protection, resistance to tampering, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are just a few of the numerous advantages that it offers. There is a wide variety of shrink machines available, and you can choose the one that is most suitable for your needs by considering the sizes of the products you produce.