What is Rankings Tracker? 



A tracker helps you to learn more about the search engine position of your website. The biggest advantage of such a tool is that your rankings can be checked and analyzed in the long term and for several time periods at the same time. This makes it easy for you to define new approaches for your search engine optimization.

Why You Should Use a Tracker?

Search rankings change regularly. All measures of the competitor can cause you to drop in the search results or weaken your position over time. In order to be able to react to new optimizations of other sites at an early stage, you can use the rankings tracker. With it, you can usually not only see your current position but can also how it changes in order to react to important keyword trends.

To successfully execute your promotional strategy, it is crucial to keep an eye on the developments of the competition with the help of your ranking tracker. Through the evaluation of the information you get, you can assess the effect of individual measures. Perform your analysis for as many keywords as possible, the more ground you can cover, the more successful your website will be.

What Information Does Rankings Tracker Provides?

A good ranking tool does not only focus on the current position of keywords. Many trackers offer you additional information about search engine optimization and your promotion. Especially with paid tools, you can often expect various additional instruments that let you independently develop new solutions. This has one major advantage – your ranking tracker replaces many tools and consistently helps you.

If, on the other hand, you choose a tool that only checks your rankings, the functions are severely limited. Yes, you can check your rankings, but you don’t see any concrete reasons for your position. Only the snippets of your website and those of your competitors can be viewed within such checks. However, for a short overview of your position, such functions are usually sufficient.

How to Choose the Right Tracker for your Website?

The most important function of the rank trackers is to find out the current position of your website. This applies to general search queries as well as the overall position of the site. The position monitoring of your keywords is one of the most important things that informs you regularly about new developments and trends on the part of the competition. With a professional rank tracker, you can perform unlimited analysis for your keywords.

Based on the different functions, it is not so easy to find the perfect rankings tracker for your projects. Especially for larger websites, professional tools are essential to keep control even for multiple keywords. Therefore, compare in advance which functions you can expect in detail and whether the respective rank trackers are really sufficient.

No matter what tracker you choose, remember to use it regularly and you are sure to improve your site ranking in a long run.