What to Do When Your Well Pump isn’t Working


If your Well Pump isn’t working, you may have a problem with the electrical connections or the pressure switch. You can check for burned or pitted electrical contacts and repair them temporarily. If these remedies don’t work, you should consider replacing the pressure switch. This will guarantee that your well pump will work again. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, then you can visit aw-pump.com for detailed information.

Problems with submersible well pumps

There are several problems that can cause your submersible well pump to malfunction. The most common one is a broken check valve. When this occurs, water can’t flow back into the well, causing the pressure switch to turn the pump on constantly. Other problems include a defective screen that allows sand and silt to enter the pump, reducing its performance.

If you suspect a problem with your pump, it is important to contact a plumber to come out and repair it. In most cases, you can handle some of the repairs yourself. Some problems can also be caused by sediment buildup, which can damage pump parts and block the water flow. Checking the level of damage to the pump by opening the tank will give you a better idea of what to do next.

Another problem that can occur with your submersible well pump is its inability to maintain its proper working condition. Submersible motors need to be lubricated properly with water to ensure that they can operate properly and last long. However, there are ways to ensure that your submersible well pump continues to perform well.

Another problem that can cause low water pressure is a leaky tank. Sometimes, this can cause a leak in the well casing. It may also cause a constant clicking noise. This may be a sign that the pump is running too often. In some cases, the problem may be due to a bad check valve. In other cases, a leaky drop pipe can prevent the water from flowing in the well.


First, try to determine why your pump isn’t working. There may be a simple fix to the problem. If the pump has lost power, check the electrical panel and make sure all the circuits are in the “on” position. Flipping the breaker can temporarily fix the problem, but if it keeps going out, you should contact a professional.

Another simple troubleshooting step is to check the yard to see if there is an issue with the water pipe. If the yard is flooded, the water pipe may have become broken or cracked. If the pipe is broken or cracked, you’ll need to call a professional.

Another common problem is the lack of power. In such a case, the pump may be inoperable, but you can quickly resolve the issue by resetting the circuit breaker or replacing a fuse. A power surge can also cause a breaker to trip. Another cause of the pump’s failure is a partial short in the motor or wiring. Checking the motor and wiring for any signs of debris may resolve the problem.

The next step is to find the source of the power problem. First, check the electrical box. If the pump is powered by electricity, turn the power back on. If not, it may be a problem within the house. If you’re unsure, call your service provider and they’ll be able to diagnose the problem.


Often, the problem with a well pump can be solved with a few easy steps. First, make sure the power switch is turned on, and then check the electrical box to see if the pump has a blown fuse or flipped circuit. Then, flip the switch back on.

A power surge may cause the well pump to stop functioning. If this happens, you should reset the breaker or replace the fuse. If these steps do not fix the problem, you should seek the help of a professional plumber. Then, you should check the motor, suction line, and wiring. A damaged motor or wiring may also cause the breaker to trip. Lastly, you should hire a qualified plumber to check the system’s components to ensure that they are all working properly.

Before performing any repairs, you should make sure that the water is not flowing into the house. There are several causes for this problem. A damaged main pipe, or an electrical problem, could be the culprit. If the pump is causing the water leak, you should call a professional to conduct the repair.

Another symptom of a problem with a well pump is low water pressure. If the pressure drops below 60 psi, the pump may have failed to pump the water. Turning the pump off for 60 minutes and then turning it back on can help to fix the problem. If the water pressure goes back up, you may need to replace the pump or get it repaired.