Free Entrepreneurial Resources in Ontario


The Free Entrepreneurial Resources in Ontario website aims to remove bureaucracy and reduce administrative and regulatory burdens for small businesses. It shows that the provincial government is listening to small business owners and raising the bar on customer service. In addition to business advice, the Insights to Markets includes information on succession planning, selling a business, account closures, bankruptcy, and more. It even offers business seminars and loans to newcomers.

Free online directory service

Free online directory services for entrepreneurs in Ontario are a good way to reach out to a local audience. They offer many benefits for businesses, including a wide range of business listings. These directories are also a great way to find out about local business opportunities, government programs and financing.

Listings in these directories help to build a brand image. Eventually, people will come to recognize the brand image and will immediately think of it when they see it. Once people see your listing in a directory, they are more likely to remember you. And that means more traffic for your business.

Listings in major online directories will help your business be seen by customers looking for what you offer. Make sure you list your business in as many of these directories as you can. Many of these directories are free to list, and you can list as many of them as you want. You may want to start out with larger sites, but eventually work your way down to more specialized directories.

Business seminars

The Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) provides a full suite of services and programs for entrepreneurs and young companies. There are 17 Regional Innovation Centres (RICs) in the province, and they are staffed with entrepreneurs-in-residence, business specialists, and analysts. You can find your local RIC’s contact information on the ONE website. There are also many free resources available for entrepreneurs, including the Guide to Starting a Small Business.

Among the free resources available to entrepreneurs in Ontario are the Business Development Bank of Canada, Business Ontario, and the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. These services offer comprehensive, tailored advice and support to help start and grow a business in Ontario. They can also help you find qualified employees and improve business processes.

Loans for newcomers

If you are a newcomer to Ontario and are unsure of where to get a loan, you might consider getting a line of credit (LOC). This is a form of credit that gives you a certain limit of money that you can use as you need it. It’s especially useful if you need to pay off a large bill, or send money home during an emergency. But be cautious. Taking out a new line of credit may damage your credit score, so talk to a financial advisor about the right option for you.

There are several different types of loans available for immigrants in Ontario. One of these is the Foreign Credential Recognition Loan Program, which gives low-interest loans to foreign nationals who have completed their education in Canada. Other loans include the Skills Development Assistance program, which provides grants for individuals to pursue a higher education in Canada. This program can also help newcomers pay for transportation costs.

SR&ED tax credit program

The SR&ED tax credit program for entrepreneurs can be a huge benefit for entrepreneurs. There are several ways to claim this credit, including the simplified method, which allows you to claim up to 60% of your eligible salary and other expenses. A professional advisor can help you calculate the exact amount of your claim.

While the program does not allow all companies to qualify, it’s possible to get a substantial amount of funding by submitting a small number of research and development projects. This can help a business develop new products and increase its competitive advantage. In addition, it can help finance improvements to manufacturing and distribution systems.

The SR&ED tax credit program is one of Canada’s biggest funding sources, providing more than $3 billion in tax incentives to more than 20,000 claimants each year. As the biggest government program in Canada supporting innovation, it’s also a major source of funding for entrepreneurs. The SR&ED program rewards companies that invest in R&D activities in Ontario.