Where to buy enamel pins?


If you want to buy enamel pins, you can do so in one of two ways: in a store or online, and we are a premium enamel pin manufacturer here at Custom Medals and Pins, and our area of expertise is in the production of custom medals and pins. No matter what kind of custom pin you’re searching for—Lapel Pins, Trading Pins, or something else entirely—the knowledgeable members of our staff can assist you in designing the enamel pins that are just right for you.

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The details of the product, how to create and place an order, the manufacturing process, and instructions on how to wear enamel pins are all covered in the material provided below.

1.-How are enamel pins created?

Enamel pins start with metal molding.

Your computer design creates an enamel pin mold. Commercial steel mold cutters process the file.

Enamel pin mold

Metal around the engraved artwork was removed. Heating strengthens the mold. It withstands high-pressure stamping.


Cut the pin after stamping.

The pattern-imprinting machine receives the hardened mold. Iron or zinc alloy pins are more flexible than steel stamping molds.

Solder pin backing. Raw bobby pin.

Pin insertion sounds like the background noise.

Use Electrode

Pins are gold or silver-plated. Hard enamel and soft enamel pins are metal-plated during manufacture. Metal plating gives soft enamel pins their basic color. Electroplating protects hard enamel pins from polishing.

Electroplating requires an electrolyte solution, anode, and cathode. Plate your cathode (raw pin).

The pin should have anode gold. Electrolyte solution, water with metal salt and other ions, allows electricity to flow. Ions have extra electrons or holes.

The anode’s positive ions attract the cathode’s negative charge, coating the pin with your chosen metal.

Say “magic metal bath” if you forget the name.

Copper wire wraps pins for electrical conductivity.

Bake and Enamel

Enjoy! Color enamel enhances your pin. Machines or hands can inject.


The thin paint on soft enamel pins makes them look despondent. Full-edged hard enamel pins

Enameling uses solid colors with metal shapes. Photo dome pins work well with gradients.

Soft enamel pins have more color options because the base color is applied first. Recessed enamel. Choosing a textured or flat style and an outline color will change your pin’s look.

What happens after choosing and making an enamel pin design? Choose soft or hard enamel pins. You’ll need to examine each material’s benefits to find the best one for your business.

Your art becomes an enamel pin die. Stamping and cutting away the pin base creates a recessed design. The three-dimensional, multicolored pin comes in gold, silver, gunmetal, or black.

Soft enamel pins have one enamel layer in the recesses. After drying, the pin will sit slightly below the metal walls, creating ridges. Soft enamel pins save money for promotions. Despite lasting longer, hard enamel is stronger.

Enamel paint is layered in the pin’s recessed areas to create durable enamel. Smooth coating matches vertical metal walls. Heat-polished paint is resilient, shiny, and long-lasting.

2.What are the enamel pins we have?

Here at Custom Medals And Pins, we pride ourselves on being a reputable maker of custom enamel pins. Whether you’re interested in Lapel Pins, Trading Pins, or some other kind of custom pin, our skilled team can assist you in creating the appropriate enamel pins for your purposes.

Making a Hard Enamel Pin involves putting each color and baking it on the pin separately. To get that classic shiny look, the pin is polished after each color is placed. Pins made with soft enamel have their designs cut out of metal first, and the enamel colors are filled in afterward. Using your finger, you can feel the pin’s recessed areas, or groves, in between the enamel and the die lines. A higher level of detail is possible with these kinds of designs. Make a badge that stands out from the crowd by using any combination of colors, a personalized design, and special touches like glitter or glow-in-the-dark enamel.

There is definitely one of our many enamel pins that pique your attention. For instance: adorable pet pins, heartfelt holiday pins, fashionable hat pins, etc. Simply submit your straightforward patterns or ideas if you want distinctive enamel pins, and we will arrange for artists to create them for you. Create delightful enamel pin designs.

  1. HOW to wear and accessorize with enamel pins.

Enamel pins are back! They are a lovely and unique method to express your personal style via the use of statements and graphics. You may have acquired some from a thrift store, an online retailer, or even your pals. If you have enamel pins and are seeking for inspiration, try incorporating them into your accessories or sprucing up a simple jacket so you can display them every day.

  • Putting a Jacket on Them

1.Attach several enamel pins to your collar for an attention-grabbing accent.

If you only have a few pins and want to add a bit of style to your jacket, place them on the collar’s edge to bring attention to them. Try to match your pins by color or pattern.

Place two pink pins next to one another, or try two round pins on opposite side.

2.Wear a cluster of buttons on the front of your denim jacket to add style.

If you have a ton of enamel pins and you want to show them off, put them all over the front of your denim jacket around the breast pocket to give it a complex design. You can cluster them all close each other or spread them out for a more balanced look.

Be cautious to remove your jacket’s pins before washing it, otherwise you risk losing them in the washer or dryer.

3.Attaching pins to your cuffs will add flair to them.

If you enjoy the look of cufflinks but you’d prefer a more modern spin on them, place a few enamel pins to the edge of your jacket sleeves. Ensure that the pins are not too heavy so that they do not weigh your sleeves down.

4.Be bold by adding pins to the lapels of your leather jacket.

If you feel that your leather jacket is missing something, consider putting a cluster of pins to its lapels. Try to color coordinate your jacket and your pins so that they look seamless together, or create an eclectic look with a mix of colors.

For example, if your jacket is dark, add a pop of color with colored pins. Or, maintain neutrality by using black pins with white designs.

1.Put pins on a beanie for a lovely, cold weather style.

Utilize enamel pins to add pizzazz to an otherwise basic beanie. Attach them to the front so that they can be seen immediately away, or add a few pins to the sides and rear of your hat to keep people guessing.

You can modify the positioning of your pins over time if you don’t like where they are at.

2.Add pins to your baseball cap to improve its appearance.

Put a huge enamel pin on a basic baseball cap to have it be the main emphasis. Or, place a few little pins around the design on your baseball cap.

The bill of your baseball cap will probably be too tough to poke pins through, so stick to the softer textile regions.

3.Give your bucket hat a facelift with colored enamel pins.

Currently, bucket hats are extremely popular, especially in warm weather. Use brightly colored pins on a plain colored bucket hat, or give a patterned hat some new highlights with a few little pins.

Adding pins to the brim of a bucket hat could weigh it down and cause it to lose its shape. When placing pins, place them in the center of the cap.

  • Utilizing Pins for Accessories

1.Send a message by pinning your backpack with pins.

If you have statement-making pins, affix them to your backpack for a striking, everyday style. Add pins to your backpack’s straps if they are thin enough, or insert the pins through the backpack’s soft body.

Backpacks are an excellent place to display pins, particularly if you use your backpack frequently.

2.Put pins through your belt loops for a striking fashion statement.

Your belt contains holes that are perfectly sized for pinning. Bring one near the buckle of your belt to add a unique look to a plain belt.

Tip: Tuck your shirt inside your slacks so that your pin is visible on your belt.

3.Add pins to your purse’s straps to embellish it.

Add some pins to the straps of your handbag if it feels a bit boring. Use a few little pins to keep it simple, or cover the front of the straps in huge pins for a statement piece.

Don’t put pins on the part of the strap that lays on top of your shoulder. It can be uncomfortable to have pins poking into your arm.

  1. Cover your bag with pins to give it a fresh design.

If you’re weary of using the same old purse but you have a number of enamel pins, use them to cover your purse and give it a new, fresh feel. This works best with purses made of cloth or other soft fabrics.

If your purse is made of leather or suede, pins could damage the outside of it.

4.What is the procedure for placing an order?

Simple design and ordering. The first thing that we do is incorporate any reference photographs or logos that you want into your personalized pin designs.

Send us this information via e-mail, the online quotation form, or live chat. We are happy to go over the specifics with you over the phone. A talented graphic designer will be given your ideas to work with. They create a sign of the completed pin in the form of a digital mock-up. A price estimate will be provided alongside this proof. The pricing is based on the design, the quantity of pins, and their size. If the planning turns out to be perfect the first time, we’ll get right to work on the production! If the planning has not yet been completed, please let us know what you would like changed, and our team will revise the design until it is right at no additional cost or commitment.